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Real Steel

 This is based on Richard Matheson’s 1956 story ‘Steel’

When I first saw the trailer for Real Steel, I thought oooohhh ROCK’EM SOCK’EM ROBOTS! However it is much more than that. The film stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie, Dakota Goyo as his son Max, Evangeline Lilly as Bailey, Kevin Durand as Ricky and James Rebhorn as Uncle Marvin.  It’s the story of Charlie a former boxer, now robot boxer who is in the hole deep. Come to find out Max’s mom has died, and there is a court hearing to see where Max will end up. Whether with his aunt and uncle or with Charlie his dad. The film is set in the year 2020, and has tons of different loacles of where the arenas are.

What makes this film so great, besides the robots fighting, is that the movie is a story of having heart! Charlie shirked responsibilities in the past, and now that Max has entered his life he learns to accept the past, and continue on in the present. Ambush is Charlie’s first bot we see, then he gets Noisy Boy. After they both are demolished, Charlie and Max are scavenging for parts, and Max finds Atom! Granted Max falls off a cliff, and that is how he finds Atom.

Ricky the guy that Charlie owes beats him up and steals the prize money from the Twin Cities fight, after this Charlie thinks that Max would be better off with Aunt Debra and Uncle Marvin. After Max isn left with them, Charlie does some souls searching. He goes back, and asks Debra for one night as Max got the fight with Zeus! The most powerful bot around, and the world champion! Atom makes it past the first round to Ricky’s dismay, and the fight goes all the way up to the fifth round. The fifth round though, Atom is so damaged that Charlie has to use the Shadow feature of the robot. So Atom is shadowing all the moves that Charlie does, and it is sooooooooo awesome!! Sadly in the end the judges award the win to Zeus, based on the scoring. However Atom is THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The casting in the film is perfect, and I throughly enjoyed it. Real Steel is a movie I will definitely watch again. The character of Charlie Kenton goes from a guy who wants the quivk deal, to a father who wants the best for his son, and himself.  The score is done by the legendary Danny Elfman, and fits the film very well. Everyone should check out Real Steel, I promise you won’t regret it!

TFG1Mike’s Film Rating: 10/10


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