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For fans of the original games for te GBA the special demo is a nice little sneak peek.  The demo which was originally given out through  the Pokemon trainer club newsletter October version can now be obtained in the following ways:

1) With purchase of Pokemon Art Academy
2) With purchase of Pokemon TCG eShop download or Pokemon Puzzle Challenge eShop download

3) Nintendo network ID email

4) In the United States : Holiday Mall Tour  (November 24th-December 21st 2014)

For a complete list of all country specific requirements click here


Although it is quite a short demo it gets different every time you play it .
Besides getting a free Pokemon you can transfer to the full version ,you also get heal balls, heart scales and Pokeballs.These are also all transferable to your full version come November 21st.


The most interesting thing about the demo was a look at the new mega evolutions for Hoenn’s starters.
You also get a taste of what real flying around the world is like.
The demo is pretty limited to what you can do once you play it about 10 times but it is a nice early look at the remake. Pokemon Heart Gold was my first game for the 3DS and I was not disappointed.  I ordered Alpha Sapphire since ruby was my original. November 21st can’t get here soon enough!

Full review on Pokemon :ORAS can be seen here sometime in December!~Tarah Bleier

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