Review – E-WIN Lux Luminis RGB Gaming Desk with Wireless Charging

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Thanks to the good people at E-Win Racing, I was able to get my hands on the E-WIN Lux Luminis RGB Gaming Desk with Wireless Charging. If you want to check out my previous two reviews, see below. But the quality is quite great and holds up on everything. I am still using one chair from 2019 and the other is from March 2023. All feel like new still. And remember, Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner and if you or a loved one are in the market for new gear, use Promo Code GCRN2 For 20% Off at checkout!

Initial Impressions

I will state that like other E-Win Racing products, I’ve gotten over the past several years for review, they pack these tight but with a ton of padding for safety. And it’s not with the cheap Styrofoam either. It’s with nice thick layered foam-like padding. Nicely stacked and positioned showing off the shiny surfaces and all the parts are safe.

It was easy to unpack and took about 15 minutes to fully assemble this desk. Much faster than the assembly for the chairs but still just as easy with the included tools.

Unboxing Images

After Assembly

After assembling the desk, it looked rather cool. The smooth desktop finish, the sleek silver beams for the legs, the LEDs on the legs, and the top perimeter. It looks great on the whole. I still question the cup holder as it mounts with a vice grip type of connector to the desk to provide a scratch-free grab on it. The gripe I have is that I feel like it should have been off the desk to allow for the space-saving as the image portrayed. With a 47″ width on the desktop, it creates another barrier albeit small.

As for the surface, you get a nice enclosure for cable management through to the underside of the desk, as well as wireless charging. I don’t presently have a wireless charging phone or device to properly test that aspect out yet but I like the option for cord-free on the top.

On the underside, there are several cords. One for the wireless charging to be connected to either a PC or a wall plug, and on the opposite side a USB cord and audio AUX plug to plug the PC speakers into the splitter which would then connect directly to the PC. This is to control the LED lighting.

I did test that feature and it does look good but unsure how to change it to specific colors and styles. But I brought a laptop to test it on. I do wish this had a remote or control to decide what light colors to display and or to change it depending on the ambiance wanted rather than audio being played. The instructions weren’t clear on how this feature for the LEDs works on this desk so again not a huge deal but something I wished was included so I could match it with the GCRN or Altered Geek color schemes when recording.

There are two under-the-table sidebars available. One for the left and one for the right. Either could be used to create a place to house headphones or a controller depending on the size or how the cord is wrapped. I do love that as presently I have my headphones on top of my desk on a stand like this.

didn’t take my computer apart from my current desk as that is a huge undertaking and with 3 monitors, a streaming platform, and room reno, I need the machine online and working until ready for the downtime. I did put my wireless objects on there for space purposes to see how it looked and felt and sat in front of it.

The other aspect of the desk is, if you’re a 3-monitor person, you’re not getting much room. I have 3 and this was something I wasn’t thinking of sadly. If you have two, however, you’re going to gain so much real estate back from the space on top. The mouse glides nicely on top too which is comfortable and doesn’t get issues like a wood desk would. It truly is optimized for gamers. I love the surface pattern and the color palette for this desk. It screams gamer and streamer and that was the look I personally love. Clean, and sleek. With the slant, it feels comfortable on your arms as a natural resting place.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a good computer desk and want something with less of a footprint in the room, something with options and functions, you can’t go wrong with this desk. The wireless charging, headphone/controller underside handle, USB charging, LED lights, and sleek design alone warrant a premium tag and you do get this. It’s definitely heavy when assembled and not cheap feeling. My little gripes aside, I do really like this desk and recommend it. I am even contemplating the removal of a monitor to two large ones on a mount to make it work for even more desk space. I do like the many digital options and to light up my office without the overhead light on!

If you’re looking to upgrade your geek space this holiday season, get the full package on chairs and gaming desks. comfort and quality. Don’t forget to use Promo Code “GCRN2” For 20% Off at checkout and let them know we sent you.

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