Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha – A First Look

So I recently was granted access to Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha and I have to say I was surprised. Out of everyone in my clan (Fast Action Response Team of FaRT for short), I was one of 3 guys from our 50+ member clan to receive access. I have been chomping at the bit to talk about it and in that I am hoping to get to do a live stream around the latest Altered Geek recording tonight.

This game has been spectacular and although the NDA has been lifted I can’t get into the nitty gritty aspects of the game. What I can talk about is the gameplay and the things that are featured in it. I’ve included some screen shots I took of various menu’s and the character customize area. I will have a video with gameplay I am anticipating very soon. I’ve loved the dynamics of the game, the smoothness of the graphics and the loadins or spawning into game. This is an Alpha so there are some glitches but it’s minute at this point.

So with the gameplay the classes are the same as in Battlefield 4. I’ve mostly played as the Engineer which is your anti-tank trooper and I’ve played Support which is the ammo guy with the trip wires (old school claymores). I’ve toyed around with the Assault and Recon classes but prefer the others. I’ve done fairly well in the Support class as I have enjoyed the traps.

The buildings are highly destructive which is pure awesome to watch as it gets blown away. I have played as a gunner in the Zepplin which is fun and easy targeting for the speed of the blimp. The airplanes I finally have been able to fly. It’s much akin to the helicopters on Battlefield 4 but I find it easier to drive. The tanks are great as well in game. One of my favorite new features is the ability to choose between what type of plane or tank you’d like to use when spawning in.

The total immersion into the maps and the levels make you really addicted and get into it. I played about 6 rounds before I knew it the first night and then played Battlefield 4 and found myself bored and wanting to go back to this new game which is easier for me who is bad with the future tech and can use skill and practice to work my magic in the old WWI era.

Overall I’d say that I hope more get the Alpha access and I can play in game with you but I know Beta will be coming in a few months. So there is that to look forward to. If you want to hit me up in game on Battlefield 4 my screenname is Steve-Megatron or [FaRT]Steve-Megatron. Until next time, see you on the Battlefield!

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