THE BAT BLOG #6: Steve’s Top 5 Bat Costumes

I pondered what I wanted to talk about here and changed it twice and eventually settled on the Batsuit. Here I will showcase my Top 5 favorite of the Batsuits.

05. Batman 1989

 I like this suit as it was the first of the Black Suited Batman. I loved it for the nostalgia purposes and for the fact it looks awesome. I am a fan of the Bat emblem surrounded by the Yellow / Gold oval.

04. Batman: The Dark Knight / Rises

 Here I again love it for the Black suit but also for the armored portions of the suit. Not to mention this suit can withstand all… with the exception of steak knives? It is the first realistic Bat costume on the big screen so I have to give it props there.

03. Batman The Animated Series

My reasoning for this is pure fan boy-ism. I grew up on this cartoon and so therefore it would have to be one of my favorite. On this hand though the suit is kind of dated at this point and while I do still love the concept there have been some better additions.

02. Batman Beyond

This Batsuit is the Ultimate suit in my own opinion. It can do surveillance, invisibility, much of the Azrael Suit minus the brutal style, and so much more! I like the aspects it has minus the cape, with the new black suit (with jets) and the red emblem.

01. Batman Inc.

This suit is ranked as my number one due to it being Bruce’s latest suit in the comics (Well Batman Inc) and he has the crest back with the gold oval as well as many of the great aspects of his other suits in later years.

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