Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #7

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TF Prime Beast Hunters #7 is here!!! It’s sad that this turned into an 8 issue mini, and now the end is very near!  Here is my SPOILER FREE review of the sixth issue. The fallout of issue #6 has the Dinobots scambling to the surfaced of a reformed CYBERTRON!!!


The regular cover for issue #7 has the Dinobots reaching the surface, and finding a crashed ship? This cover is cool, and it gives a bit of the story away, but I still feel as the run went from ongoing to min, that they just got lazy in coming up with cobers. This is also relevant in the Retailer Incentive cover. Again just another Prime shot, this time wth him standing to the side. Rather than looking at the reader straight on.



TF BH #7 Page 1

Mike Johnson takes over head writing duties here. I gotta say he has stepped up to the plate. Unlike the previous issues of the mini that he has written I really enjoyed this one. I’m not sure I enjoy it, because I know they have to wrap everything up. however for the story that Mike and Mairghread are telling, this was an interesting second to last issue. We don’t get much more character development from any of the characters. However with that already established, the writers are free to just write a damn good story. I really enjoyed the way Mike johnson handled the other Autobots. Firestar and even Zoom.

TF BH #7 Page 2

There were so many surprises in the writing this time around. SO MANY that I dunno if I can even say what I liked about certain aspects. Because they would be spoiling it for you the readers. I will say pun not intended, but there were several moments that kinda shocked me, and how this issue ends WOW! Issue 8 needs to get here now!!! I will say also that while I was reading this, I was waiting and waiting, for a moment I knew was coming. I was getting impatient, because I was like woah when is it gonna happen? AND THEN…. it happened! Well done to both Mike and Mairghread on the storytelling!!!

TF BH #7 Page 3


This might be Padilla’s best art yet. The colors all pop, and the designs are intensely fun to see. Still love these designs on the Dinobots. Thankfully there were no CHOOM effects, but the wordplay that was used to show actuon was awesome!!! His shadow play in the image below is very awesome, and the attention to character details is simply impressive. Again I’m not sure if this is because we are almost at the end of the run, but there wasn’t much in the art that I didn’t like.

TF BH #7 Page 6

Final Thoughts:

GO GET THIS ISSUE NOW!!! That is the only final thought I can come up with. The way the issue ends is amazing, and leaves you wanting so much more.

Final Rating: 


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