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Coming out of the Rage of The Dinobots miniseries is TF Prime Beast Hunters!!!!! Here is my  SPOILER FREE review of the first issue. You already know the main story… Autobots and Decepticons have left Cybertron, which is a dead planet. However a few stayed behind….


If you haven’t read the lead in 4 issue miniseries RAGE OF THE DINOBOTS you better do so. Because that’s where this continues from. I wanna take the time here to talk about the two variant covers for this #1. The first is a Retailer Incentive and the second is  SUBSCRIPTION cover. First off I had no idea IDW was doing SUB covers! That’s freakin’ awesome!!!! Of course I knew of variants, but never really sought them out to own. I hope that IDW does this SUB cover stuff for each issue!!! The regular cover shown above is very cool. It’s showing you the rage of the dinobots, without giving away too much of what will happen in the comic itself.


The retailer incentive cover is an image of Predacon from the cartoon series’ third season. I like this cover… it hints at what MIGHT happen in the comic.


Most people know I’m not a seeker fan in general. Especially not a Starscream fan… I blame the Starscream Fangirls for this. However TF Prime Starscream I absolutely love that character!!!!! This is the SUB cover, and it’s very fan service. I like that though, but I can see why some people might feel misled. As the bots and cons on Earth aren’t in the comic… yet…..??

TFP BH Page 1


Mike Johnson and Mairghread Scott do an amazing job writing these characters. They each have written episodes on TF Prime the animated series itself. I’m glad that The Hub, Hasbro, and the TFP producers allowed them to write these comics. Because you get so much character development with the Dinobots. Yet at the same time they seem to reflect the same old (G1) Dinobots we remember and love. The writing is so in depth though and it takes us beyond the “stupid” dinobots that we grew up with. The fact that these characters are written like people, and just just giant robots is freakin’ awesome. I will admit sometimes in the writing I find it strange that any of the TF characters would say certain things. However the writing in this first issue is solid. just think about it you don’t really believe Grimlock could ever lead? Yet here we are, Cybertron a dead husk of a planet, remaining cybertronians underground ravaging for the last scrap of energon, and they put the DINOBOTS in charge!? That makes for one helluva compelling story if you ask me.

The basic plot here without spoiling it is that Firestar a resident of Last Spark comes to Grimlock for help. As their outpost is being attacked by a mysterious figure. Apparently Grimlock wants nothing to do with this Cybertronian town at all. Something about a bot named Airwave refusing the Dinobots help before….. The story is narrated by Sludge, and I quite like this. I’ve stated before that every story involving the Dinobots that I’ve read has Grimlock at the front lines. Don’t get me wrong I love Grimlock, but as the “face” of the Dinobots he is ALWAYS THERE! I’m glad that Mairghread Scott wrote this first issue from a different Dinobots’ perspective.

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The art carries over seamlessly from Rage Of The Dinobots I think. Love the spots of bright red and yellow on the Dinobots themselves. Augustin Padilla is outdoing himself each time I see his art. The backgrounds, the design of Cybertron itself, and the way the FOC and Prime designs meld together so well. It is all great!!!

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Final Thoughts:

This is a series I’ll be waiting impatiently every month til the next new issue comes out. One thing that prevents me from giving this first issue a 5 star rating is that it took me three days to figure out who was narrating the story. The other thing that really bugged me was the comination of speech and narrating bubbles on page 5 of the book. I duinno what it was about that for me, but I had a hard time following the logic of the conversation. I understood what was being said, just not in the layout of the conversation though. If you like TF Prime the animated series, the Dinobots, and stories on Cybertron… well you should be reading this new ongoing!

Final Rating: 


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