Review of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #17

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Transformers they are Robots in Disguise, and they are More Than Meets The Eye!!!!! Yes I’ve started reading both TF ongoings from IDW. Here is my review of MTMTE #17 and it’s SPOILER FREE!!!

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For those that have listened to the trilogy of More Than Meets The Eye episodes in The Pull Bag, you’ll know I’m loving the current state of  TF Comics! Now that I’m caught up on More Than Meets The Eye, I can follow along as the single issues come out. Cover A shown above by Alex Milne is damn awesome. I along with a bunch of others immediately thought of the Transformers The Movie 1986 poster.



Between issue #16 and this, James Roberts has paid all the storylines off. The payoffs reach even as far back to the beginning of this series. WOW there is a lot here. If you have been reading this series you’ll know and see exactly what I’m talking about. Because I’ve just gotten into these books, I can’t believe that this comic has been going on for two years. Reading this issue it flowed very well throughout the issue. I along with a bunch of my other friends could not put this book down, until we are were done reading it. There is just so much going on in this issue. Every time I turned a page, I was confronted with yet another piece of this puzzling story. I love writers that know where they want to go with a story, yet they let us the audience figure it out very slowly.

James Roberts has crafted a saga here, and this isn’t even the beginning! There is so much going on here in Remain In Light Part 1, that anything I say would spoil the hell out of stuff that happens. Just know that every character’s story for the most part gets paid off here. While we get payoffs we also get the beginning of a brand new story. What will happen in the future for the crew of the Lost Light… only time will tell.



Alex Milne’s art along with Josh Burcham’s colors are just gorgeous! I love the design on Cyclonus’s self inflicted wounded face. The design of the planet that the Lost Light reaches is awesome, and it does remind me of Cybertron, but is it Cybertron? The designs on the seventeen twenty one and nineteen eighty four bots were amazing, it reminds me of the Junkions. “They’re indestructible, and they’re everywhere!” I so want a poster of the cover A for this issue!!!! I can’t say that enough, it’s just that damn awesome.

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Final Thoughts:

As I said before if you haven’t been reading this series, and you love in depth writing for Transformers, go catch up damnit! More Than Meets The Eye 17 was an amazing read. This series has me impatiently waiting for every new issue. I almost wish this was a book that was published twice monthly. You’ll see my final rating below is 4 outta 5 stars. The reasoning for this is that, while the issue was amazing, I know there is more coming. I really did like this issue, so it fits! Now stop reading this, go catch up on MTMTE! Transform and roll out!

Final Rating: 


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