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TMNT The New Animated Adventures ongoing comic series from IDW has begun! Here will be my thoughts on issue #1! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

TMNT New Animated Adventures #1 Cover A

Cover A shown above looks great, but I love the SUB Cover that customers who added the title to their pull lists got. That is below, and it’s by Kevin Eastman!

TMNT New Animated Adventures #1 SUB Cover

I thought when I read the FREE Comic Book Day issue and then rad this I was gonna have an issue with the change in writers. The FCBD issue was written by Erik Burnham and the ongoing is written by Kenny Byerly. The writing streamlines itself, and you can barely tell of the change in writers. The art once again is done by Dario Brizuela, and it’s such awesome art!!!

Turtles #1 1


As we kick off the ongoing we get April wanting to do more then just train. She is craving some action. Of course Donnie makes a suggestion, that she accompany him on a mission to get a part that he needs for his latest invention. Once again I can’t say enough of how awesome the writing is. Each Turtle maintains the personalities given to them from the cartoon series. It’s just a wonderful read!!!

Turtles #1 2

I love how Byerly writes the action, and the stealthy parts of the missions within this issue. It’s simply so turtleriffic. He captures the essence of how the ninja aspect is supposed to be with the Turtles. I love how he writes the “relationship” between Donnie and April, plus he nails how the brothers are with each other. Splinter is in this issue, but he almost takes a backseat. There isn’t much that he does. However that is perfectly fine, I’m sure in the future that there will be other times Splinter will be center stage.

Turtles #1 3


Just as I said in the FCBD issue Dario Brizuela does an amazing job on the art. April looks great in the 2-D form, and the Turtles are pretty much the same. I will say I almost had an issue with Leo’s bandana being res on one panel. Then I looked at it again, it was red because he was angry that Donnie wasn’t gonna listen to him. All in all the art was fantastic here!!

Turtles #1 4

Final Thoughts:

Get in on the ground floor with this series! Do not wait too long, because the NEW Animated Adventure is just one more awesome thing that carries so much TURTLE POWER  with it! It’s a great companion to the cartoon series!!!

Final Rating:


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