Review of Nightwing #26 – Some Strings Attached

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Nightwing #26 is here, what lies ahead for our hero, time will only tell… THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!


I have to admit that the cover by McDaniel is kinda generic, but he most likely didn’t know the plot of the issue. I like the cover, but the more I look at it the more the way the costume is designed bugs me. I love the emotion on Nightwing’s face and the bloody weapons, but other then that this time around the cover is just there.

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Kyle Higgins continues to write nightwing with such love and care. I know the events of Forever Evil haven’t been realized yet, and with the first Nightwing in Chicago adventure concluded in issue #24, there was only one thing that they could do in issue #26. That being a continuation, yet at the same time a one shot type of story. I’m still very much enjoying the way Kyle writes Nightwing, and the way he makes the story progress is very fluid. The cool thing about this one shot type of story is that it has the feel of a one shot, but it’s really not that at all. As the story progresses, we see Nightwing come against a foe we haven’t seen since his first time in Chicago. Then Kyle at the end of the issue shocks us all… well all of us that haven’t read the spoilers online. How he shocks the readers you might ask…? Well with who is pulling the strings on this villainess that nightwing faces in this issue.

It’s a very cool way to set Nightwing on his next big adventure in the Windy City. I love the “real life” tribulations Kyle puts Dick through, we see that he has had to get a bigger apartment, dealing with roommates inviting friends over, and all that jazz. We see just how hard it is for a superhero to not be living alone, but as Dick says… “living alone is expensive in Chicago”

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Will Conrad continues to blow my mind with his art in Nightwing. I will say though there there were several times in this issue that I thought the design of Dick Grayson’s face was off. From what Will has already drawn in previous issues. I’m not complaining about it, I’m just saying it looked different than what I saw in issue #24. The designs on the villains and other characters continue o be great. Don’t even get me started on how well Conrad is designing the city of Chicago. It’s freakin’ awesome!!! I will say one thing about the art that I didn’t like was the strange way the female villain’s catsuit looked. It wasn’t THAT skintight at all. It looked more baggy to me, but that is a small gripe on what otherwise is an awesome issue!

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Final Thoughts:

Nightwing #26 is again a great read! You have to grab this to see how life in Chicago is progressing for Dick Grayson. If you have been a fan of the Kyle Higgins run at all, you will not be disappointed with NW #26 at all!!!! Go get it now!!!!!

Final Rating:


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