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Nightwing #25 is here! We find out just what was going on in young Dick Grayson’s life at the time of the ZERO YEAR!  This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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I was very excited to learn that this takes place at a time when John and Mary Grayson are alive. I’ve often wondered about Dick Grayson’s parents. As most of the stuff I’ve seen with them is right before their death. So I was very excited to read this issue of Nightwing.

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Ahh young heroes at the theater on a dark stormy night. While reading the first two pages of Nightwing #25 I couldn’t help but flash to a young Bruce Wayne at the theater.

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Kyle Higgins does a wonderful job writing a ZERO YEAR tie in here. This is an awesome story for several reasons. As a NEW comic reader, and even though I’m a huge nightwing Fanboy… I’m unsure if his parents have appeared before. In more detail other than the fateful night that they were killed. I also had the same issue with Thomas and Martha Wayne. So seeing a story with Dick’s parents in it iks very cool in my opinion. I see all the inflections of the future Dick Grayson here in the young man we have before us. Kyle has done an amazing job crafting this story. From the homages to Bruce’s fateful night at the theater, to having masks in the end. From page one to the end of the story One Dark City Night is a completely enjoyable read. I love how in the writing the characters work around a threat, rather then facing it. Then the very next moment Dick Grayson shows his bravery! This issue also touches on what an ego young Richard had, when he was the “star” of Haly’s Circus, but Kyle brings it around so he learns his lesson.

Also within this story we see what it means to be a true friend, and keep friendships and relationships alive. We see John and Mary Grayson being parents, but that’s about it. However for me this is not a negative, because seeing more of them is a good thing in my mind. I wasn’t expecting the twist with CJ, but I enjoyed it, and it shows an interesting beginning to several characters that are incolved with Haly’s Circus. I’ve said over and over in my many Nightwing reviews that Kyle Higgins is MY Nightwing writer. I love the direction both past and present he’s writing the character in.

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Will Conrad’s ZERO YEAR art is awesome!!! Even though I’ve loved Eddy Barrows and Brett Booth’s takes on nightwing, when Will Conrad joined the team… I really loved how he drew nightwing in the present. Seeing his ZERO YEAR tie in, and the art that was done for it. I was even more excited to see stuff from this artist. I love his designs on the Grayson family, and the way he draws Gotham is simply breath taking. The way the art transitions from the opening page, it pulls back to reveal that Dick is at the movies. I love how Conrad and Richards did that. I love Conrad’s take on the young Gray Son of Gotham, and it’s interesting to compare this to the versions we see in the first several issues of the ongoing. I remember there were a few times I was like: “Hey Dick Grayson isn’t supposed to look EMO!” however Will Conrad excels in turning him into a young hero!

Final Thoughts:

Why are you still reading this? GO GET NIGHTWING #25 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta give this a perfect rating once again. There is nothing in the writing or the art that I didn’t like.

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Final Rating:


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