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Nightwing #21 continues the hunt for Tony Zucco. Nightwing even has to team up with The Prankster! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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Kyle Higgins can do no wrong when it comes to Dick Grayson/Nightwing. The stories he is telling are just amazing, and in issue 21 we continue Nightwing’s Chicago adventure. This time he has to team up with The Prankster in order to track Tony Zucco. There has been a rumor that after the fallout of September’s Villains Month, that Nightwing will be killed off. I swear if DC Comics does this, I’ll drop every single book that I buy from them. Granted this is just A RUMOR, but still…. it freaks me out.

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Just like Batgirl 21, this does not disappoint at all. We continue Nightwing’s adventures in Chicago, but first we see a flashback to a time when other heroes/vigilante’s were in Chicago. Kyle Higgins dropping Dick Grayson into his hometown is just awesome. you can really tell how much Kyle enjoys the character and having him explore his city. The story here is the same as it has been since Dick Grayson came to Chicago.  He’s hunting down tony Zucco. The funny thing for this issue is that he needs to team up with The Prankster. I just love this, because the whole dynamic between the two of them is very interesting. We also see that Tony is a changed man now, and the writing leaves us on somewhat of a cliffhanger for what will happen in issue #22!

I can’t say enough good things about Kyle Higgins’ writing. It’s siomply amazing to read the character of Nightwing, the way that he is writing him. Even though I hate waiting a month to read the next issue, it does leave me on the edge of my seat wondering, where Kyle will take the character this time. It is very fluid writing, and any fan of Dick grayson will enjoy reading this series!

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I’ve heard that this will be the last issue that Brett booth will do the art for. Cmon DC stop switching artists so much. I loved Eddy Barrows in the beginning of the Nightwing New 52 series, and now I’m loving the designs Brett Booth is doing. It sucks that they pull us in with one artist only to yank that person away, and give us someone else. The art for Nightwing has remained consistent over the previous 21 issues, but I’m a creature of habit. Once I latch onto something I like, I don’t wanna let go.

Brett Booth’s art in issue 21 is amazing, the mixture of dark colors, light colors, and shading is awesome. The designs on all the characters are spot on. I can’t say enough how I love the black and red suit for Nightwing. It’s just so awesome. Every time I see it, I notice something new that I enjoy about the design.

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Final Thoughts:

Everyone who has loved Dick grayson in the past needs to be reading this series. END. OF. STORY. Bring on issue #22!!!!

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Final Rating:


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