Review of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #3

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He-Man and the MOTU #3 continues the epic tale where #2 left off. This time around a hostage is taken!!! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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In issue 3 we are told the story of how Despara and Teela met. Just like last month with issue 2 I could not put this book down. It was such an interesting read. I love how they are expanding the MOTU universe!!!

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Once again the storytelling by Keith Giffen is amazing. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with what he did in Origin of Hordak. His writing here in the ongoing is just amazing. I love that they are adding NEW dimensions to these classic characters. In this issue Despara has the horde troops outside of the Grayskull boundaries ready to attack, and Teela tells us the story of how they first met. After this we have Despara actually inside Grayskull… how did that happen??? Once again this story is moving very fast. I absolutely love it. Every aspect of it is just great. I love the witty banter between He-Man and Teela. The fact that Randor isn’t a useless king. I can tell right now after three issues in Giffen is giving us a slow build. This slow build will lead to many awesome stories in the future. This is the MOTU writing I’ve always wanted in a cartoon series!!!!

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Pop Mhan’s art is superb as usual here. I really enjoy that nearly ever page has a black border. That’s a very interesting color choice, to outline these images. With the image below, I’m hoping that the MOTU fans will shut the fuck up about a few images showing He-Man in a more Battle Armored look. I’m still not thrilled with Hordak’s design, but I love the design on a certain female horde member that makes her first appearance in this issue. Once again the backgrounds look amazing, and especially the battle grounds in front of Castle Grayskull. The castle itself is actually impressive looking. Very awesome stuff.

MOTU 3 #4

Final Thoughts:

I’m still loving reading these issues. The overall story is intriguing, and it will captivate any die hard or casual MOTU fan. Do yourself a favor and catch up on this ongoing!!!! BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL WE ALL HAVE THE POWER!!!!

Final Rating:


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