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He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe have returned to DC Comics in this HOT new ongoing series. What tales will be told in eternia this time around? Let us find out, oh and SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!


I have been a He-Man fan since I was 3 or 4 years old. Growing up in the 80s was a magical thing. However I’ve never really gotten into the comics for the brand. That has recently changed, because I caught up with the 2012 mini series DC Comics had done, and I have read the origin story one shots that DC put out. Now the MOTU get their own monthly series. It is amazing!According to Pixel Dan SUPER MOTU FAN he says that he believes this NEW ongoing is a continuation of the miniseries from 2012. If this is truly the case, I just got even more excited!!!!

MOTU 1 #1


The writing is done by Keith Giffen, and wow can this guy write the Eternian characters!! I love how he is flipping the script on everything new know, in order to create stories we’ve never known. One of the differences in this frst issue of a brand new story, is the fact that everyone seems to kno Adam is He-Man. I think of it kinda like the end of Iron Man… I am He-Man, and I think it’s very cool. The fact that you don’t have to write around his secret identity. Teela is still very bitchy, and she is so disrespectful to the dead. We also have the brother/sister fighting between Teela and Adam. I have to say that I really enjoy it here. It’s very funny, even though Teela’s tongue is sharper then a razor blade.  Speaking of the dead, apparently both Skeletor and The Sorceress are no longer with us.

The writing is so rich, it gives off a feeling of familarity, and yet it’s an exciting story that we do not know where it will go. Keith Giffen excels at writing for the Masters Of The Universe. I’m on the edge of my seat reading this book. I’m ready for issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 like right the hell now!!!!! This is a must read for any MOTU fan.

MOTU 1 #2


Even though Pop Mhan is a YES man, he does do a eye popping awesome job with the art and design of the characters. There really isn’t a misstep here in the first issue with the art. There weren’t any designs that jumped out at me as being something I didn’t care for. I enjoyed every visual aspect of this first issue. The design on what we are lead to believe is the Real Hordak is creepy as all get out. The fact that Despara’s helmet design looks like the hordak we might know is an interesting twist. Overall the art fits the writing and it’s awesome. Thankfully RED Teela is here, because I just don’t care for Teela as a blonde.

Final Thoughts:

This first issue will blow your hair back, and knock your socks off! This isn’t the Eternia we grew up with at all. That is what makes it so great!!!!! Any and all MOTU fans will definitely be hooked by this first issue.

Final Rating:


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