Review of Detective Comics #25 – ZERO YEAR Tie In – Whistleblower’s Blues

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Detective Comics #25 is here! This is a Zero Year tie in, that has Jim Gordon facing the corruption inside the G.C.P.D.!  This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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Most of you might be wondering…. WHY IS TFG1Mike writing a review of a series he isn’t even reading??? Well because this is more of a one shot story tying into Zero Year. Plus I really enjoy reading and or watching anything that focusses on Jim Gordon.

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john Layman’s story here is great. Yes I know, it’s yet another “origin” story for Gordon, but seriously this tale is awesome! I hardly has anything to do with Batman, and focusses all the attention on Jim Gordon. His crusade to rid the G.C.P.D. of corruption within the Zero Year begins here. There are moments in the writing where you can see just how Gordon feels about this NEW vigilante, and there are moments when you see how he cares for his family, both on the force and off.

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Layman’s story flows so well from beginning to end. It gives tremendous character depth for Jim Gordon and the rest of the G.C.P.D. What it also does is give us a new look at what the rest of the department thinks of the vigilante. The way John Layman writes the characters, and the way he dances around Batman makes Detective #25 a joyous reading experience.

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Jason Fabok’s art is awesome. Gordon has never looked so good. There are times when looking at a panel with Jim Gordon in it, that I see the Gary Oldman in the character, and then there are times when I see a VERY young version of the DCAU design. It really all depends on the angles. Everything about this issue’s art rocks! The backgrounds, the settings within Gotham City, the other characters, and even the one time Batman shows up. They all look stunning!!!

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Final Thoughts:

Detective Comics #25 is a rousing tale, and a must read for any Bat Universe fan! Focussing on Gordon was the best thing that the Detective Comics team could do for the ZERO YEAR tie in.

Final Rating:

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