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BIFF!! BANG!!!!! POW!!!!!! Everyone remembers the Batman 1960’s television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Now DC Comics presents us with the all new adventures of the dynamic duo in this new monthly ongoing. It’s also a digital first title.  This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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Granted I never saw the 1960s Batman when it originally aired, but watching reruns in the 80s was just awesome. I’m so glad that DC is doing this digital first, then monthly print ongoing. This will bring us new adventures of the Cape Crusader, the boy wonder, and everyone else in Gotham 66!!! These new adventures featuring the style of the classic TV show are just awesome.



Jeff Parker is the writer for this series. I’ve not read his stuff before, but after reading Bat 66 #1… I gotta say his style nails the old TV series style. In this issue we see the story of The Riddler’s Ruse. I absolutely loved reading this. It was great to see the shows’ style on the comic page. Both in the writing and in the art. Everything about the show is here. The corny lines, the amazing POW ZAP KARAH! action and more. It’s hard to talk about the story and not spoil it. However I will say that we see every character we know and love from the TV Series. Commissioner Gordon, Chief O’Hara, Alfred, and more. We even have an awesome scene involving Alfred. I find that Parker is writing Mr. Pennyworth to be very active. Instead of just being in the background and offering a subtle hint that allows the dynamic duo to solve the riddles.

There is even a reference to the Joker in this issue, although we have yet to see the Clown Prince of Crime. I’m sure we will in future issues. Jeff Parker did an amazing job telling the tale in this first issue. He even throws in the narration bits at the end of parts of the story. I freakin love that. If you are a Adam West Bat fan you will most definitely wanna grab this new series.




Let us talk about the covers for this #1 print issue. We have three of them. These covers all list Jonathan Case as the artist, I know that michael Allred did the main cover and Case did the variants. One of the variant covers is a Mattel cover. It uses the NEW toys, depicting a scene with Batman and Robin walking up a building towards the reader. I love that, that is a damn ingenious way to create art using the toys. The other variant is showing off the Super Villains of Gotham. I like that as well, but prefer either the SDCC mattel cover or the regular cover with Batman and Robin on it.

Jonathan Case seems to be a new artist. I could be wrong with that statement, maybe a more accurate one is that he is a new DC Comics artist. Either way he nails the ’66 style of the villains, heroes, and regular Gotham citizens. I will say that the art is brighter than I remember the show being. I get that they want to homage the show, but keep their own style. However the Batmobile looks blue in this first issue. I wish it was black and red as it was in the show. Love the designs on Riddler and Catwoman. I believe that is the Julie Newmar Catwoman. I read in an interview that the series would be using her and Eartha Kitt throughout the run. As I was reading the issue, I got used to the bright pastels that Case uses. I get that Bat ’66 is supposed to be bright and campy and all that. However I remember the show not being as bright as this new comic series. I will also say that parts of this issue felt like an episode of the animated cartoons back in the day. Not saying that is a bad thing, but I thought the basis for this series was the TV Show. Still awesome art all around though.


Final Thoughts:

As I stated above if you are a Batman ’66 tv show fan get this book. STOP reading this review, get up, walk out the door, and go to your comic shop right now!!!!! It’s a blast from the past in the present day, and it’s fricken awesome!!!!!!!! I so can’t wait for more Classically new Bat 66 adventures!!!


Final Rating:


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