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For 35 Years of the TRANSFORMERS brand, the CONSTRUCTICONS have been bringing their own brand of DEVASTATION to us the fans! On September 25th of this year, IDW will release issue #1 of a new anthology series. It’s called TRANSFORMERS: GALAXIES, and the first four issues are all about THE CONSTRUCTICONS in an arc called “Constructicons Rising”. We have entered IDW’s “Bold New Era” for Transformers. Tyler Bleszinski will be writing this first arc, and longtime Transformers artist Livio Ramondelli will be giving us gorgeous art to accompany what sounds like a very devastating story!

For the past 6 and a half years we here at The GeekCast Radio Network inside our comic podcast The Pull Bag, have been covering the IDW Transformers comics. Even though that 13 Year run and that Transformers Universe ended, I’m excited to check out the bold new era. I have yet to read the new ongoing at IDW, but I plan to in the future. We are here though to talk about TRANSFORMERS GALAXIES, and THE CONSTRUCTICONS!!

DC and Marvel, as well as I’m sure other comic companies have done bio pages in the past to tease new things that they release. IDW Publishing has done this as well, but this time around they combine the bios with the tech specs we had as kids from The Transformers Generation 1 toyline!

I originally saw IDW post these bios on their social media pages, and then I saw the article. While I was preparing this post, and reading their post, whomever the writer was over there… I love how they described the Constructicons.

The following quote comes from this article at Seibertron:

“Enjoy reading up on the bot with the plan Scrapper, the new and insecure (yet utterly valuable) Scavenger, the lofty Hook, stalwart and powerful Long Haul, the chemical genius Mixmaster, and the probably insane Bonecrusher.” That pulls me in even more reading that description of each of these bots!

The first issue of Transformers: Galaxies: Constructicons Rising is scheduled to ship September 25th, 2019! Be sure to pre-order your issue as soon as possible at your local comic shop. Pre-ordering is a huge help to the title and ensures you’ll get your copy as soon as possible. You can find your local comic shop by going to Or you can Pre-order-Subscribe to the series on COMIXOLOGY!

So here are the bio-tech spec images, we even have the reveal of “THE COMBINER” bio-tech spec! Who’s your favorite Constructicon team member?

There ya have it folks! Get ready to RISE with THE CONSTRUCTICONS in TRANSFORMERS GALAXIES at the end of the month. Tyler Bleszinski and Livio Ramondelli are your CONSTRUCTICON foremans for this first story arc in this new anthology series from IDW Publishing! #CONSTRUCTICONSUNITE!

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