Review of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Score

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

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Music from The DC Universe Animated Original Movie

Frederik Wiedmann is becoming the premiere composer of DC Animated properties! Here he crafts a masterful score to the most recently released DC Animated Original Movie justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. 


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox had amazing music to go along with it. As have all of the DC Animated Original Movies. Frederik Wiedmann as stated above seems to be stepping into the role of “go to” composer when it comes to the DC animation properties. He excelled on the two volumes of Green Lantern The Animated Series, and his name continues to pop up everywhere I look. A few months ago I had no idea who he was, and now I can definitely say that I’m a huge fan of his compositional works.


Frederik Wiedmann says in the liner notes that he had to completely rethink the themes for this film, because well Flashpoint turned the DC Universe on it’s head. There are not gonna be any DC themes you have heard before on this soundtrack. This is all brand new alternate earth building music. Holy crap it’s so great!!!! Mother, Inside the Batcave, Sin City, Chased by Amazons, Flash Reborn, and A Darker Past.

As I’ve said before in some of my other soundtrack reviews, it’s nice hearing the music outside the film. This way you get an even bigger appreciation of the film itself, and the music all by itself! The track I Changed Something, not only is powerful within the film, the notes in it outside the film, make it equally as powerful! Last Man Standing and Lost Family are also some of my favorite tracks on this!!! Very powerful, emotionally charged anthems.

If you have loved any DC Soundtrack in the past, whether it be BTAS, Batman Beyond, or others, even the other DC Animated Film soundtracks, you need to grab this one too. It’s that damn good!


What I love about these La La Land Records releases is the liner notes that come with the albums. Not only do you get cool images from the project, but you also get insights from the people crafting the music. That is just a nice little addition that this soundtrack company does!!

You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! You can also find the track listing there!

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