Review of Green Lantern: The Animated Series Score Volume 2

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Volume 2!

GLTAS Score Vol 2 #1

Original Score from the DC Comics Animated TV Series

Here we go.. Green Lantern TAS Volume 2! The awesome people at LA La Land Records sent me the volume 2 soundtrack score for review. I love the epic music that is used in this cartoon. It reminds me of the old days when animated shows had 40 piece orchestras to accompany them! These tracks are from the back half of the season. They tell a tragic love story. 

GLTAS Score Vol 2 #2

Frederik Wiedmann continues his amazing composing! You can see the track list above. I love this music, is my short review. In volume 2 it’s more tragic love story type music. Versus Volume 1 being epic battleground music. Yes there are the epic tones and battleground music in this set as well. However the Razer/Aya love story themes take center stage.

GLTAS Score Vol 2 #3

This single disc album contains 37 tracks… in a row? Yes that’s right 37 tracks, and each one of them are absolutely amazing. The Final Battle, Origin of Aya, Breaking In, and Breaking Through are just some of my favorites from this soundtrack. I love this cartoon so much. It has brought GL/Hal to the center stage, whilst also showing us some other cool members of the corps. Sadly it won’t return, friggin cartoon network. But the music is wonderful. Hearing the music by itself without the sound effects or voice over lines is something to behold. I’m not sure how much more positive I can be about Frederik’s composing here

GLTAS Score Vol 2 #4

just listening through this soundtrack is awesome. You can really get lost in the music, and imagine your favorite GL TAS scene playing over the themes that are found here. Final Orders, The Last Stand, and Revived Hop are three more tracks that I love. Each of those tracks has soft moments and the big epic battle moments. in Reviving hope we also have a slightly dark toned Aya’s theme. The Legend of the Orange Lanterns is great as well. In the beginning of that track it starts of soft, mysterious, and dark. I wish that the Animated Series was going to continue, because I love the cartoon and I love this music!!!!!

GLTAS Score Vol 2 #5

You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! I highly suggest yo do especially if you loved Green Lantern: The Animated Series!!!

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