DCAU Complete Series DVD Sets

DCAU Complete Series DVD Sets

The DC Animated Universe is by far one of my favorite series’ of cartoons. Starting with Batman The Animated Series. As a kid living with my dad and stepmother I was forbidden to watch BTAS on Fox. My stepmother said it was too violent. Just seeing Batman animated and Superman, then Batman Beyond and Justice League was simply awesome! I grew up watching the old rereuns of the Superfriends cartoons and Batman 1966 reruns. I this blog post I’ll be listing all the complete series DVD sets that Warner Home Video has released. I’ll also be making comments here and there about the cartoons.

BTAS- The Complete Animated Series 11/4/08

BTAS Theme

The New Batman Adventures Theme

Batman: The Animated Series is the groundbreaking animated series from Bruce Timm,  Eric Radomski, Paul Dini, and other great creators. In 1992 Batman exploded onto the cartoon scene. This started Timm and Company down the path of The DC Animated Universe Continuity.

I missed out on the Batman The Animated Series volume DVDs so when it was announced that this was coming out I was super excited. While this complete series DVD set is just the volume DVDs in one big box to me it is just awesome. The Collectible packaging includes a 40 page booklet with pre production art and the episode listings. There is also a 17th disc with a bonus feature never before seen. Overall I think that the complete series is the better selection as far as the DVD releases. Unfortunately it was a limited edition so if you didn’t get it when it came out sorry about your luck!

Justice League- The Complete Series 11/10/09

JL Theme

JLU Theme

The Justice League one of the best superhero teams ever comes to animation!

With the success of the BTAS set sales Warner Home Video announced that Justice League would get the Complete Series treatment. As I’ve said they just ported over the individual season discs and added a bonus disc. The collectible packaging for this one is awesome because it’s a tin! This set comes with a new foreword from Bruce Timm in the Volume One Set of this Box Set. If you missed out on the Season sets of this cartoon get this Complete Series set.

STAS- The Complete Animated Series: 11/24/09

STAS Theme

There is not a more powerful superhero than Superman! Having said that In 1996 Bruce Timm and Company created Superman: The Animated Series. S:TAS actually starts the continuity within the DCAU.

Two weeks after the Justice League Complete Series set was released the people at Warner Home Video released a complete series set for The Man Of Steel himself. Superman: The Animated Series got the Complete Series treatment much like the other two DCAU Complete Series sets. They brought over the DVDs from the Volume sets and included a Bonus Disc Featuring the All-New Documentary The Despot DARKSEID: A Villain Worthy of SUPERMAN! This set doesn’t have the collectible tin packaging like the Justice League set which is disappointing, however this is still a good set to have in your DCAU DVD collection.

Batman Beyond- The Complete Series 11/23/10

BBeyond Theme

65 Years in the Future there is BATMAN! Beyond!! Bruce Wayne has gotten too old to be Batman. A Young Man running from the Jokerz Gang finds himself on Bruce Wayne’s property and Bruce saves him. In return Terry McGinnis steals the Futuristic BatSuit. So we have a whole new BATMAN now.

Batman Beyond is getting the Complete Series treatment that BTAS got. With collectible packaging and more coming this November! I can’t wait for this even though I had the Season sets as I’ve stated before I like having the Complete Series sets more.

In closing I’m so very happy that all of the shows that actually matter in the DCAU have gotten the super upgrade with Complete Series sets on DVD.

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