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Monopoly celebrates 80 years in France with a special treat

Ever wish that one day you open your copy of Monopoly and the game money was actually real money? Well wish no more!

If you happen to be one of the 80 lucky people in France to get your hands on one of the those special editions ,you will be envied by a great many people around the world. One edition of Monopoly will have the equivalent of 20,580 euros which is about $23,268.0.monopoly_80th_anniversary_edition_game

But worry not you still have a chance of getting some real money mixed in with your Monopoly Money.

It breaks down like this:

10 sets will have five real  20-euro notes, two- 50-euro notes, and a single 100-euro note.

In the remaining 69 sets their will be five-10-euro notes,  and five 20-euro notes.

According to Hasbro, Monopoly is available in 111 different countries and is available in 43 different languages.

Approximately 500,000 sets are sold in France alone!

These 80 very special sets will be hidden amongst 30,000 boxes of different  types of the game (classic, junior, electronic and vintage)

So to those of you in France get cracking and grab those while you can and who knows you may find yourself a heck of a lot richer!

~Tarah Bleier

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