WarZ Tournament – 90’s Villains – Team Battle Finals

It’s that time again for an all NEW WarZ Tournament. This time, Steve’s been sitting on the battles for years and finally gets to unleash the villains of the 90’s. The 80’s were decided but with the 90’s, there has been a great deal more entering the fray. Some evolutions or alternates of their namesakes and others are brand new, but very deadly in their own right.

Join Steve, and MovieRevolt Dan as they unleash their knowledge and you vote on, The Villains of the 90’s.

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Steve “Megatron” Phillips

MovieRevolt Dan

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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. This is easy. I think Dark Phoenix beats Cell, but at best its a draw. Apocalypse easily takes out Megatron so then its Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix against just cell. He has got no shot.

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