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MWIRE Weekly – 12/1/2013 – Oldboy

mwire-weekly-featured MWIRE Weekly for the week of 12/1/2013.  Kevin and Dan have been busy lately as they catch up what they have been watching recently including a discussion of Spike Lee’s most recent joint Oldboy. They get into the latest movie news including the Aquaman movie rumors, Quentin Tarantino’s plans on directing another western, and another spirited discussion on the crazy remakes Hollywood has in store. So sit back and enjoy this look into the movie week that was!


What We Have Been Watching Recently:

Planet of the Apes, Beneath The Planet of the Apes, The Book Thief, The Way, Way Back, Frozen, The Act of Killing, The Motel Life

Box Office:


Paul Walker

Interstellar – First Look


What’s Next for Tarantino?

Magneto and JFK

Voices not eligible for Oscar


Napoleon Director


Warcraft getting out of Star Wars way


Friday the 13th


Alice in Wonderland

Casting Call

Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch

Trailer Talk

Gimme Shelter

Welcome to the Jungle

Son of God

Legend of Hercules


Enemies Closer



Main Attraction:

Old Boy ( The LAMBcast)


Would you be interested in an Aquaman film? Do you think an Aquaman film would be successful? Who would you get to play Aquaman?



Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. A Aquaman movie wouldn’t work if it was called Aquaman meets The Avengers. No idea who could play him. Maybe Ryan Gosling. Wait..I retract my statement. An Aquaman movie staring a wet Ryan Gosling would make a trillion dollars. ,

    1. Ryan Gosling was the first one who popped into my head for some reason too lol

  2. An Aquaman movie could work, with a big emphasis on could. Man of Steel 2 would need to be a hit first before we would know for sure. Because if they can’t get that movie right there is no way they could get Aquaman right.

    For who can play him, why not Alexander Skarsguard from True Blood. I thought he would make a good Thor before the casting of Hemsworth. Maybe Aquaman could work for him.

  3. Aquaman wouldn’t work if you called it Aquaman meets the Avengers: Enter Batman. No way that movie is actually made.

    1. When I saw that title all I could think of was Patton Oswalt doing a trailer for it like episode 7.

    2. You know what, that COULD work. Don’t think DC would allow it though.

    3. Throw in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and you have yourself a hit there!

  4. I’m so sad with everything I’m hearing about Old Boy. I had high hopes for that movie. I thought it could turn out to be something great.

    I have zero interest in an Aquaman movie. Yet I think it would do well if it was ever made. People eat up anything Marvel or DC lately…unless it stars Ryan Reynolds of course.That’s who I would have star too. Just to see the fanboy community implode, and I can sit back and watch everything burn.

    1. I could think of one person in particular that would implode with that news.

  5. When I heard the news about the Interstellar trailer I littearly yelled out in glee. So awesome that is finally coming out.

    Also big thanks to Kevin for his recommendations of The Book Thief. Went to see it today and I agree with you 100%. One of the better movies I have watched this year. WHY AREN”T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT IT!.

    Alex Pettyfer from I am Number Four would be an awesome Aquaman. I would rather see Aquaman on Arrow before on the big screen, but I’d be there on day one if the movie was ever made. Aquaman is a lot cooler than people realize when he is done right

    1. Glad I could recommend a film that you liked man! Can’t get over how good I think that film was!! :)

  6. I was wondering why Old Boy wasn’t playing around me. I thought I was mistaken that it was coming out wide this weekend. So Weird.

    The only way I would be interested in an Aquaman movie is if it was a comedy. I don’t see how it could work if done seriously.

    1. To be fair many said the same thing about Thor and that turned out well. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. A Aquaman movie? Wow. I just don’t know. Maybe a direct to dvd animated movie, but a live action movie? I do see that working.

    Beneath the Planet of the Apes is one of the weirdest movies I have ever saw. Such a strange choice coming after such a classic.

    1. It was so weird!!! The third film really should have been the sequel in many ways. The second one was way to bizarre!

  8. Please god no Aquaman movie. No way I’d see that no matter who was playing Aquaman. I shutter at the thought.

  9. I’ll say it. I would be psyched for an Aquaman movie. I could see Sam Worthington playing that character with justice.

    So sad to hear about Paul Walker. He was way too young.

  10. Why for the love of god would you make a Aquaman movie? Who in their right mind would see that.

    IF we get Aquaman before Wonder Woman something is wrong with this world.

  11. I’d be up to see a Aquaman movie. No idea who could play him. Maybe Bradley Cooper.

    I saw Frozen this weekend as well, and loved it. Now I have to see the Book Thief. Kevin made it sound awesome.

    1. I have to watch it about giving movies such glowing reviews….puts a lot of pressure on me!! haha

      1. No do it more! lol. I’m all for hearing about movies I should see. If I don’t end up liking it its no big deal for me. Part of the fun of watching movies.

  12. Never felt Aquaman as a character. Animated maybe, and not part of the cinematic universe that DC is trying to establish.

  13. Seriously Aquaman? No way. Don’t do it. No possible way I’d see a Aquaman movie.

  14. I loved Frozen. It was the best Diseny for me in 15 years by far. So much fun. I happy to see you like it as well.

    Regarding Aquaman, I just don’t. It could work, and I could go see it if the right team was behind it. Maybe Daniel Craig as Aquaman. He’d bring something to the role to make it respectable.

  15. No Aquaman movie for me. No interest.

    I agree with the take on Old Boy. Did not live up to expectations one bit. Sad disappointment.

  16. I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t mind the Oldboy remake. I wouldn’t call it great but thought it was at least half decent. I’d watch it again.

    I love that fact Tarantino is doing a Western. Django was awesome, and we need more good westerns.

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