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MWIRE Weekly – 10/28/13 – Horror Movies


MWIRE Weekly for the week of Oct 28th 2013 has Dan, Kevin and Mike talking about the week that was in movie news. Mike shares his very unpopular opinion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To wrap it up the guys share their thoughts on horror movies and the genre at large. We throw a little Marvel of our own with a post music clip, stay tuned to the end!

What Have We’ve Been Watching

Night of the Living Dead and The Counselor

Hellraiser remake
Independence Day sequel
Another film pushed to 2014 and another
Deadpool Movie?
Spider-Man Plans
Daredevil and Punisher?
Feature length Peanuts
Secret Marvel project?
Army of Darkness sequel

Casting Call:
Fifty Shades
Will Smith
Tom Hardy as Elton John

Trailer Talk:
Captain America
The Immigrant
Mr Peadbody and Sherman
X-Men Teaser

Box Office:
TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Par. $32,055,177 3,336 $9,609 $32,055,177 $15 1
2 1 Gravity WB $20,135,387 -32.9% 3,707 -113 $5,432 $199,649,748 $100 4
3 2 Captain Phillips Sony $11,642,040 -29.1% 3,143 +123 $3,704 $69,916,083 $55 3
4 N The Counselor Fox $7,842,930 3,044 $2,577 $7,842,930 $25 1
5 5 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $6,275,325 -35.1% 3,111 -491 $2,017 $100,786,579 $78 5
Main Attraction:

Discussion of Horror movies

 Coming Attractions:

New to Theaters November 1st 2013:

Ender’s Game

Last Vegas

 Blu/DVD releases for October 29th 2013

Monsters University



What is your favorite horror film, franchise, character or sub genre?


Thomas Jane – Dirty Laundry: Justice or Punishment! 2012

Thriller by Michael Jackson


Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark

Mike “BoothNinja81” Powers

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

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  1. Loved, loved, loved the horror discussion! Awesome works. I rather watch a horror film in the theater rather than at home. The bigger screen just brings you in.

    Personally I do love the dead series. With Dawn of the Dead being my favorite. It has been awhile since I have watched Night of the Living Dead but now I need to go back and check it out as I don’t remember the zombies being like you all mentioned. I can’t believe I miss the Rifftrax though. That would have been awesome.

    1. Don’t kill me but my favorite movie in the Dead series is the Dawn of the Dead remake. The older ones just look too fake.

      1. I kind of agree with you. I mean I’d rather watch the remake. However the original is a much better movie.

        I do really like Land of the Dead too.

  2. I’ve always been a fan of 70’s horror. I still think the Exorcist is scary as heck, and Rosemary’s Baby has given me many nightmares.

    I also agree Kasdan touching up the Star Wars script is a good thing. So many of my friends are making a big deal about it. But I think it will make it better. The dude help write Empire. Freaking Empire. So basicly EMPIRE FTW!

  3. I was listening, but had to stop and write this before I finished the episode after I heard Mike’s comments. So the statement regarding the Avengers “ I don’t think it’s a bad
    movie, but I have to say its bad because how much people love it” Umm…what? Are we grading on a curve now. Are you trying to bring down the Rotten Tomatoes scores by giving it an even lesser score than you think it deserves just so people will pay more attention to what you are saying? That is a very childlike mentality. People aren’t hearing you to your liking so you have to whine louder. I assume that mentality is the same reason someone would make the accusation that those sacrilegious Ultimate Avengers cartoons are better than the movie. They do more? What are you smoking? Thor is wasted. He shows up for two scenes and never really mingles with the group. Ok they show Cap meeting his old love interest, and then nothing. That has no bearings on his actions, his feelings, or anything. It’s just this tacked on scene that is only there because it was in the comics. It provides no insight to him as person, or very little.

    The Avengers movie is an awesome example of pure fun. The plot isn’t amazing? Ya’ think! Of course it isn’t. What major blockbuster has an amazing plot—besides The Dark Knight trilogy? The final 45 minutes of that movie is the best example ever of a splash page coming to life! The characters interactions are amazing and well developed! And every major character has an opportunity to shine.

    You seem to have this need to be a contrarian. People love this thing, well I’m going to try to find a reason to say why it’s not so great. People hate this thing, well I’m going to try to find a reason to say what it is good. You can have your opinion of course, but you seem to just make outlandish statements to draw attention. Which of course I realize is working as I am writing this. My issue is the statements you are making don’t line up with reality, or are not very well developed. You can see the bring screen in Captain America. Ya think. It pretty obvious that movie is going for the larger than life look where everything as the fake look of the classic serial. Like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Next thing you are going to say is Jaws isn’t a good movie because you can tell it’s not a real shark. Based on what you say on this podcast, Altered Geek, and Off the Cuff it sounds like you consume things with a checklist. As long as they check certain boxes you are ok, even if it doesn’t add up to much. If something is checked in your ‘bad’ box now suddenly the entire movie is garbage. I may be wrong, but based on what you have been saying that seems to be what I’m picking up.

    Anyways…rant over. I do really love the podcast and anything that can get me this riled up is a good thing. It’s like watching your favorite team play its rival or something.

    1. I never seem to be able to articulate my feelings/thoughts on the Avengers. And I’m not trying to drag down Rottentomatoes, although I hate that site. It’s just not the movie I wanted it to be and I have many issues with it. I do own it though, and I think it’s good, just not great. I apologize for not being able to articulate my thoughts. I don’t need people to listen to me, I was just stating my opinions, poorly. I wasn’t prepared for the conversation:)

      1. wait a second…you hate Rottentomatoes….now you got me riled up! I’m just playing, although I am curious as to your reasoning there. Whats wrong with a site that brings together most notable critics and gives an aggregate score for a movie and then knows enough to also give the fans a voice outside of the critics…Most of the time they are pretty spot on with their ratings. Is it just because you don’t agree with certain movies scores? Its completely unbiased and simply telling you on average what critics and fans say about the movie but maybe I’m missing something???

        1. I don’t let a score for something dictate if I like something. I don’t do it for movies or games. If I see something I like I’ll check it out myself. I know people who luck at a score and decided what to see and what not to see never minding that their view could be completely different. I don’t have an issue with its existence, I just never use it, or meta critic. Scores are meaningless to me, lol.

          1. I agree about not giving two hoots about what the score is when I am trying to decide what to watch (although at times when I absolutely can’t decide between two I may reference it) – I never let a rating or review determine if I am or am not going to see something though. Scores are not meaningless to me though if they are ‘determined’ in a logical manner. I think its a fun site to check out and see how other people rate it and as I said most of the time they are pretty accurate with what the ‘best’ movies are. I understand not basing decisions on it but I just was curious how you could ‘hate’ the site ;)

      2. Now a day later I do see my comments may have gone too far. Still I disagree with you greatly, but listening again I don’t think you don’t backup your point at all. I just really really disagree lol.

  4. Well the Avengers-Marvel argument was epic. Don’t know who I agree with more but it was very fun to listen to.

    I look at horror as one of those genres that is hard to do right. When you are do it right it is amazing. Some of my favorites ore Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Saw, and Scream. All of which, well maybe not scream, are full of awesome villain characters.

    For me it doesn’t matter where I watch a horror movie as long as its dark and there is little distractions around us. Watching one during the daytime just feels wrong.

    Also Punisher War zone was produced by Marvel under the Marvel Knights banner. It was only distributed by Lionsgate

    1. I wasn’t sure about Punisher. I knew when it came out, wasn’t positive if it was Marvel or not.

  5. I actually agree with Mike on his opinion on the Marvel movies. I’m not a big fan. Strangely I though disagree that Iron Man 3 doesn’t increase the scope of the Marvel universe. The way they did it was one of the few things I liked about the movie. Everything about the character of Tony Stark was changed because of the events of the Avengers. Very rarely do we ever see a blockbuster tackle that type of story. I liked how knowing that aliens and gods exist messed with his mind, and that nearly dieing did emotionally change it. They didn’t do nearly as much as I was hoping for, but at least attempting filled in a lot of the blanks left by the Avengers. Now I only wish they did more with it, and I do agree SHIELD was sorely missed.

    Another thing that was interesting was the way normal civilians treated the events in New York. It felt like how we would treat it in real life. Beyond that I though IM3 was just another Iron Man that went through the motions.

    Also thank you to whoever mentioned Cube in the horror talk. That movie so under appreciated. One of my personal favorites. Also any horror movie by John Carpenter. The Thing is legendary.

    1. Yes my friend introduced me to Cube last you. It was an instant classic for me. Again thanks for the feedback.

    2. I love the Marvel movies personally. I didn’t get the hate people are spitting at them. If they weren’t as popular people wouldn’t be hating on them nearly as much.

    3. Tony Stark came full circle in Iron Man 3. I do not know
      what more they could have done. I guess my mind is not in the same place as you
      put that element of the movie was handled greatly in my opinion.

        1. In some ways yes, and some ways no. With Shane Black directing
          an writing there will be some similarities for sure, but there were only small flourishes of the 80’s buddy cop dynamic. Maybe one or two scenes so I don’t see how you can say it is a carbon copy. Couldn’t you say Captain America is just a Raiders of the Lost Arc movie with different names as well? Or Transformers is just a pile of dung with a different names. It was certainly influenced by that genre. I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. They made Tony Stark into a badass without his armor. Something the comics really haven’t done all that well.

  6. I agree with the post below that the Avengers-Marvel debate was awesome to listen to. Podcasts are more fun with debate IMO. I loved The Avengers I don’t care what anyone says. It was 2 hours of childhood joy that gave me a geek bonner for hours on end. Iron Man 3 was also awesome. That final fight scen was utter epicness.

    My favorite horror film is Insidious and Insidous 2. I also would love to see Thomas Jane return to the Punisher role. He was awesome in it! Why not a Punisher vs Daredevil movie? They have crossed paths many times.

    1. There is a link above to the Thomas Jane Punisher short film, if you haven’t seen it.

  7. Well it is only Tuesday but the Marvel move head to head faceoff may be my personal podcast moment of the week. I don’t really agree with Mike, but I kind of see what he is saying. I thought the point of Phase two was to bring the story back to the characters and focus more on them and less on building the cinematic universe. I thought that expansions was going to be reserved for Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Still, now that it is brought up I can see why not having SHIELD in Iron Man 3 doesn’t make sense. My guess is they didn’t include them because so many people hated that part of Iron Man 2. As a comic book fan I guess I’m just used to it. I mean in comics why would any super villains go to New York City when every superhero ever is there, or why is New York destroyed in X-Men but not mentioned in Fantastic Four. Figure is the nature of the
    beast. Though I can see why not having SHIELD at all when Air Force One is being shot down would be weird.

    1. From what I hear of Guardians is that it’s more of an extension on Phase 1 then a proper Phase 2 movie, but we shall see.

  8. Another awesome podcast guys! Maybe the best one yet. I don’t get what Mike is saying about the Marvel films at all. Maybe they aren’t high art but they are tons of fun.

    My favorite horror films are Rec and Rec 2. Also the Paranormal films and the Evil Dead Series.

  9. I can’t belive I live in a world where the Avengers has happened, Guardians of the Galaxy is hapening along with X-Men Days of Future Past and Spider-Man may do the sinister 6. Awesome time to be a geek.

    Favorite horror franchise, man that’s a hard question to answer. There are so many. If you want to go old school I would say Pyscho or The Shinning. Newer stuff Saw, Ring, The Grudge, and The Last Exorcism.

  10. No one yet has mentioned the classic Universal Monster movies which I am shocked out. Creature of the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein, Dracula, and so many others are still amazing. Frankenstein is easily the best of the bunch.

    Tom Hardy playing Elton John? Strange, very very strange.

    1. Ohhh good point about the Universal Monster movies. I still need to pick up that box set.

  11. Dude words can not explain how much love I have for the Captain Ameerica 2 trailer. Drull, 100% literally physical drull came out of my mouth while watching it. I felt like Homer Simpsons starring at juicy cheeseburger.

    Speaking of the Simpsons some of my favorite horror moments come from their Treehouse of Horror. My favorite horror movie is the Faculty. That movie so much crazy fun. You get to see them kill Usher. House of Wax gets an honorable mention for the death of Paris Hilton. I use to watch that scene on loop.

  12. Interesting horror discussion. The reason I love horror is how it can go after taboo subjects we tend keep out of our minds as best as possible. I love the grunge of a good horror movie that make you feel uber uncomfortable. Something like to Shinning is mesmerizing. The more you look into it, the more you get lost.

  13. Whoever put in the Thriller music, you win a million points. For horror I know its campy but I love I know what you Did last summer. One thing that ‘s not true is it is NOT a ripoff of Scream The book came out before Scream.

    1. Did I say it was a ripoff – Hope not cause I knew it wasn’t :( – Love that movie too but thats mainly because of JLH!!

      1. Oh no, you didn’t say that. I just know people do when I say I like it.

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