GCR – Episode 36 – Bullying Must Be Stopped No Matter The Cost

In Episode 36 of GeekCast Radio, the crew sits down to talk about bullying, and how it can be stopped.

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Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “Birdman” Dodd

Dustin “Dustimus Prime” Vancour


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Great listen a quite an important podcast that brought to light a lot of important issues. Agree with a lot of what you guys were saying in regards to the current make up of our society and how we deal with the bully problem. While I agree that many facets of bullying are worse than ever I’m not a total support of the idea that bullying now is worse than it has ever been. The severity of today’s bullying comes from the inability to escape from it. Social media has made it nearly impossible to escape from the wraith of being an outcast. However I don’t believe the overall scope is worst today than in the past. I think it’s more in our face than ever before, but like with more things the actual reality of the situation is better than realize. For example based on news reports you wouldn’t think crime today is worse than ever, but the fact is the majority of crime is down across the US. The reporting of crime however is up exponentially. With bullying I have a lot of experience in the education world. I’m a former teacher, worked in a multitude of after school programs, my wife is a teacher, and with my current profession I talk to families across the US that deal with this issue. We talk about how horrible this generation is and how they lack any type of filter. That is true in some cases, but I think that’s an unfair umbrella to cast. In a lot of ways this generation is a lot more accepting then mine. For example homosexuality is far more accepting now then when I was in school. Is it perfect no, but it’s getting better. Sure I’m certain that is not the case everywhere, but that is becoming more the norm. Also a lot of the antibullying campaign has been working, and you see kids being more outspoken against it.

    Now I’m not naive and think we fix the problem, or that the issue doesn’t need more attention. It surely does and podcasts like this are extremely important in counter acting the issue. One great point that was brought up was how huge an impact bullying can have due to the limited world people live in. We often think the internet has made our worlds bigger, but in a way it has just given us more access to the same people. Kids now get bullied at school then go home and have their Facebook page full of hate messages, or have kids texted them despicable messages. You think everyone in the world hates you because your world is only the school you go to. That’s why I’m a big proponent of broadening kid’s worlds through travel or other means. If you are able to see other kids across the country and world you can better understand the huge world that’s actually out there. Anyways sorry for the log rant and look forward to seeing Geekcast radio tackle more topics like this.

    1. Thanks for the reply. And you are right, kids need to get off the damn internet, go out and see the good that this world has to offer. Internet bullying is a huge deal, and it needs to stop.

      Thanks for the support.

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