GCR – Episode 33 – Music Spotlight – The 2000’s

In the 33rd episode we here at GeekCast Radio are continuing the music spotlight. Join TFG1Mike and Birdman Dodd as they talk about the music of the 2000’s. Ahh yes the 00’s a decade of NEW ROCK, rap and hip hop, to rock/rap, country, and the overuse of the autotuner! From Nickelback, Creed, Theory Of A Deadman, Madonna still being relevant, to the rise of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber, and soooo many more. The 00’s had a ton to offer in the way of musical choices!!!!! Some that are awesome, some that are meh, and some that are just downright awful!!! Sit back, relax, turn your headphones up past twenty, and be sure to  ROCK ON!!! 

Birdman Wants You To Check Out:

The Protomen

MegaRan (Random)




Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard

Mike ” The Birdman” Dodd


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