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The Top 100 – Animated Series – 40-21

Episode 24 of GeekCast Radio looks at numbers 40-21 of the Top 100 Countdown. Join the guys as they talk about a number of Anime shows and a few shows that Mike absolutely can’t stand. A personal favorite of Steve’s also makes the list. This episode is a must listen as everyone tries to figure out which shows are left for the final episode!


Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

JT from Saskatoon


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Kevin "OptimusSolo"

OptimusSolo is a Cartoon Historian and even has an actual History degree to go with it. He's also an avid Toy collector boasting an over 1,000 piece Star Wars collection and nearly 400 Transformer toys. He is one of the hosts of the Powers of Grayskull series. He also has a passion for cartoon Theme Songs, Star Trek, MacGyver, Baseball, and is a major Movie Geek!


  1. The links to Episode 24, numbers 40-21 of the Top 100 Countdown are not working. The suspense is killing me!

    Love this series. So much better than IGN’s.

  2. I am not finished listening to the episode yet, but I have to chime in regarding ThunderCats. Besides its abysmal ranking on your list, I have to say that Mike is dead-on with ThunderCats. I wouldn’t say it is the third best of all-time, even though it is one of my top five favorite cartoons ever, but it is top twenty worthy. I love watching the show even today. When you factor in everything from theme (which is one of the best and more memorable themes ever, Kevin), character designs, tone, etc. this show is a standout. I also factor in how memorable shows are and how many people on the street could recite the tagline of the show or its theme or recognize the characters. ThunderCats should rank at least top twenty, and anyone saying otherwise is smoking something.

    To Kevin, you don’t think the show had continuity? What show were you watching, SilverHawks!? I’m kidding, because I know you prefer it, but I just don’t see that. I’ve been watching SilverHawks and it is just awful. I enjoyed it as a kid, but even then I didn’t enjoy it nowhere near as much as ThunderCats. It was a TC clone, a bad one, and even then I realized that. It doesn’t have the magic (no pun intended), the memorable characters, the amazing worlds…it’s not very good. But ThunderCats DOES have a continuity. Just re-read the Wikipedia entry. They leave their home world and land on Third Earth, where they make their new home. Eventually other ThunderCats make their way to Third Earth to join the Cats. Later, they return to Thundera and eventually set up a remote base. Plus, it has one of the most fitting ends to an action-adventure series from that era that I have ever seen. It is a good show and I despise the comments that the new one will put the old one to shame. That’s like saying TF Prime puts TFG1 to shame. They’re just different. Personally, I can enjoy GI Joe Renegades, TF Prime and other updated shows, but they just don’t have the magic that older cartoons had. Too many cartoons today take the storytelling too seriously and everything has to make sense, so you lose the off-the-wall crazy storytelling that was done in older shows. The old GI Joe was crazy fun, even if it didn’t seem “real” or make total sense. That’s the beauty of cartoons. I want to see Jerry turn Tom into a pancake with a frying pan. Why? Because it is funny. And because you can’t do that anywhere but cartoons. So I miss a lot of that fantastical storytelling that is absent from today’s cartoons.

    Again, overall I like the list. I still dislike that so many that voted had such strong biases rather than considering what are TRULY the best of all-time. I am putting together my own list and I will rank shows based on where I think they fit considering several factors, and not just personal bias. Those are two totally separate things.

  3. Couldn’t disagree with you more Tim. Yes the Thundercats theme was awesome for what it was but anyone who says its even top 25 of just 80s cartoons is the one smoking something. I can easily name 25 superior themes.

    As for continuity based I am talking about in depth continuity. Thundercats has as much continuity as G1 TF or He-Man. Yes there is loose continuity but really each episode has little to do with the previous one or the future ones.

    As for the whole Thundercats vs Silverhawks. It absolutely boggles my mind how people can think one is really that different from the other. As far as the heroes I will say that the Thundercats were more memorable characters yes. But anyone who says (outside of Mumm-Ra) that the evil characters in Thundercats were more memorable than the Silverhawks villains is out of their mind. Silverhawks clearly had the better villains. For me the rest of it comes down to the fact that I just like the setting better in Silverhawks. Storytelling was virtually identical as far as quality so not sure where you are saying one had superior writing over the other???

    And sorry to repeat it but the new Thundercats will hopefully put the old one to shame just as much as the 2002 He-Man put the original one to shame. (Even though I still love the original He-Man and Thundercats)

  4. Kevin: “And sorry to repeat it but the new Thundercats will hopefully put the old one to shame just as much as the 2002 He-Man put the original one to shame. (Even though I still love the original He-Man and Thundercats)”

    I don’t want it to put the old on to shame! I want it to expand more on the original. There wasw nothing really that wrong with the original Thundercats, besides minor gripes. But I am hoping the new version does tell a more continuity driven story.

  5. @Tim “Again, overall I like the list. I still dislike that so many that voted had such strong biases rather than considering what are TRULY the best of all-time.”

    I agree!! I tried to stress to people that this list is about best all time not favorite all time. Some people did better than others at following through on this. Just take my own personal list for example. There are at least 2-3 cartoons in my top 10 that I wouldn’t watch if you paid me to but I know how important they were etc.

    I am pretty sure not everyone can say that since I would bet that every show in Mike’s top ten is a show he LOVED. Just saying (no offense mike)

  6. I bet kev is gonna be soooo happy when ToonCast is over because after Ep 100 none of the arguments will ever be brought up again.

  7. “Yes the Thundercats theme was awesome for what it was but anyone who says its even top 25 of just 80s cartoons is the one smoking something. I can easily name 25 superior themes.”

    Respectfully, we will just have to disagree on this. It is one of the more memorable themes and I am not saying it is the best by any stretch, but I think you’re underrating it. It fit the show very well. It got you really pumped to watch this awesome show. The opening sequence is fast-paced and sets the tone for the entire show. It may not be as extravagant as Tiny Toons or Disney cartoons, but to say you can easily name 25 better ones…I just disagree and I have seen content on YouTube of cartoon themes and they usually fit ThunderCats in there somewhere in the top themes. Regardless, I like it.

    “Silverhawks clearly had the better villains.”

    Again, your opinion. It’s wrong, however. I have very little love for the villains in SilverHawks. I like that ThunderCats had “mutants” as basic weekly villains. But you have to also look at Grune and other major villains that showed up in the series that perhaps weren’t members of the regular cast. Mon-Star does nothing for me. He’s goofy. Poker Face is okay. Hardware is just a Slithe clone, Yes-Man is okay. Melodia is the best of the villains and the only one I really care for, personally. But One issue I cannot get over with SilverHawks is how EVERYONE flies around in space with no breathing apparatus, suits or other gear. In ThunderCats, Thundera and other worlds they explore are interesting and I like seeing what creatures or dangers they encounter. SilverHawks is mostly just a kids crime show in space. It just doesn’t have the magic of ThunderCats. Part of it is that ThunderCats was created for TV based on Ted Wolf’s awesome designs. They had these awesome designs that they were looking to do something with. And SilverHawks was just a way for Rankin/Bass to put together another possible hit based on the ThunderCats formula. Some of the same writers worked on each, but I think ThunderCats got more from the writers, and the stories are better than SilverHawks.

  8. I have trouble taking your list/podcast seriously given that you are uninterested in watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not having seen it is fine, but not bothering to check it out? I think your “anti-anime bias” is stronger than you realize. Avatar is about as anime as Thundercats/Silverhawks etc.

  9. Again, you are entitled to your opinion. I unlike you and Mike will not call someone’s opinions ‘wrong’ though.

    You may misunderstand what I am saying about the TC Theme though. It is awesome I am not arguing that but it is not as good as say

    Gummi Bears
    Mysterious Cities of Gold
    Alvin and the Chipmunks
    Rescue Rangers
    Fraggle Rock
    Muppet Babies
    Get Along Gang
    Denver the Last Dinosaur
    Care Bears
    David the Gnome
    Inspector Gadget

    I actually (even though I think they are all a virtual tie) would but He-Man, Transformers and Silverhawks themes ahead of Thundercats. (G.I.Joe right after Thundercats). The thing about all of the ‘boys action’ shows of the 80s outside of M.A.S.K. and TMNT is that there theme songs are all just kind of average. Yes they get you pumped up and have some intense musical sequences but as far as the ‘song’ part goes….no.

    I go into a lot more detail here so please check it out even if you disagree with me

    (also I misspoke I would put Thundercats as #21 of the 80s)

  10. @ICZ I’ve been told that Avatar isn’t anime.

    However anime in general is not my thing. I’ve said this before. If it’s not in my wheelhouse I’m not gonna add it now.

    Another reason I realized listening to this episode why I’m not into anime is because I personally can’t stand the theme songs from any that have been on our list so far. I’d say the only 1 I like is Pokemon theme. However that’s because it’s in English.

  11. It’s all in good fun. I’m not upset, but after listening I just had to make some points in reaction to the comments made in the episode. You guys had me cursing at my iPhone.

    But you guys took on a difficult task with the show, and particularly with this top 100 list. It’s impossible to please everyone. And you have done a brilliant job with each. I have enjoyed the Toon Cast shows very much and I’m glad you made this list. Despite the biases, it’s very reasonable overall. I look forward to the top 20.

  12. BTVA seems to be down at the moment. I tried a few browsers across machines. But I have seen that list. It’s a very good list overall.

  13. @TFG1 Mike: That might have been the reason that Toonami and Adult Swim didn’t always show the themes…

    But even the Cowboy Bebop theme? I must say, that might be the single greatest piece of theme music for any cartoon ever.

  14. @Rubi-kun I was referring to the anime themes within this ep of the countdown. I will have to go back and relisten for the Cowboy Bebop theme

  15. The weirdest thing ever. I was looking up information on the new Avatar series JUST as it came up on the list. btw, AVATAR IS NOT ANIME. It’s a long story. BUT IT ISN’T! Although, I do believe that was a particularly good place for it.

    Ah, Reboot. As soon as I heard the song, I knew. What a great freakin’ show. The way the characters develop throughout the seasons, was great. Especially when the innocent child turns into a scruffy gun-toting badass. Another perfect placement! Also another show I grew up watching. If Monster by Mistake comes up on this list, my life will be complete.

    With Family Guy, it’s the funniest when the creator makes fun of himself. The last Star Wars one, all of the characters were bashing Seth MacFarland, and calling him a ripoff, and calling his shows Simpsons rip-offs. It was actually pretty funny.

  16. I would say that the Dragon Ball Z theme I would have chose was the rock version. I have never heard this one in the countdown. But overall I am happy with the list.

  17. Hey it’s cool. I can always go back and edit it in there later. I had no clue what was coming until you spoke as I never heard that theme lol. It’s fine tho lol. I don’t think of it usually until it plays on the countdown that there are many themes. Same for Swat Kats. I have the rock one of that too which is so much better.

    Overall liked this episode though.

  18. “But even the Cowboy Bebop theme? I must say, that might be the single greatest piece of theme music for any cartoon ever.”

    @rubi-kun: Amen, “Bebop” has that old school intro music that I love so much!!

  19. mike if you ranked jem over ren and stimpy, if i ever meet you, im punching you in the face

  20. Get your head out of your ass lol. Ren & Stimpy was only gross and bad when it went adult on Spike TV. The original was great for the time. I prefer that over some like M.A.S.K. or original He-Man and JEM. I like the New Adventures of He-Man better too. But again arguing with Mike is a Lose/Lose as he won’t concede even if there is sufficient proof to hold up reasoning.

  21. I’m getting sick of this BS………….FINE!

    I watched 1 episode from the first season:

    and one from the third season which is supposed to be the non classic eps:

    I WAS FUCKING CRINGING WATCHING THIS SHIT! I almost puked all over my keyboard! Watching both episodes! This show is godawful and doesn’t deserve to be on any countdown at all!

    There I gave Ren & Stimpy a try and I never ever wanna hear shit about it again.

  22. Lets be honest man, two things – One you are way over exaggerating and Two you did NOT give them a try. You watched them with a pre-determined mind set to hate them. I give you credit for sitting through them and I will leave you alone about it but in all honest you and I both know you didn’t give them a legit open minded chance :)

    And remember it does deserve to be on the list because the list is not about what show you liked or did not like – if the show meant as much to animation as R&S did and it had as much of a following as the show did then it most def deserves to be on the list.

  23. Double Post!! And remember it does deserve to be on the list because the list is not about what show you liked or did not like – if the show meant as much to animation as R&S did and it had as much of a following as the show did then it most def deserves to be on the list.

  24. since YOU HATE it when I double post through twitter and such I edited your comment into one post.

    I tried giving it a honest chance but the animation is so grotesque I can’t stand it. It doesn’t even have to do with my John K. hate at all…. I was grossed out by the sheer attention to detail of Ren and stimpy’s bodies YUK!!!!!

  25. Superfriends? There’s like five versions of the Superfriends. And none of them should be on a list.

    Thundercats, Real Ghostbusters, and Inspector Gadget are on good spots

    Avatar is good, but should be higher. Ren & Stimpy should be fifteen spots higher. Tom & Jerry should be WAY higher.

    Family Guy is WAY too high on this list. It should be cast into the blackest pit along with Jem and Captain Planet.

  26. I TOTALLY agree with TFG1Mike on Ren & Stimpy. It’s not even funny and the animation was absolute sh*t.I would personally swap it out with Rocko’s Modern Life. But I think you guys were a little too hard on Pokemon. Sure, it’s not as good as Smurfs, but it still has a certain charm to it.

  27. thanks for listening Dan!

    add another to the Ren & Stimpy must die campaign lol

    Honestly at this point I don’t remember what we said about pokemon vs smurfs. I don’t see them competing with each other. Two entirely different decades and crazes.

  28. Oh yeah, something I should have mentioned, you should have used the “Friends are there” intro for Garfield and Friends. It’s just so much more awesome.

  29. I agree that with some shows I wasn’t as familiar with them so since no one said otherwise I used the first theme I came across, with the Garfield one though I disagree, I used the best and most popular one there!

  30. superfriends nothing to say
    pokemon does not need to be on this list because one of you said it had won no awards
    samurai jack great show needs to be higher
    dragon ballz if this is not the #1 anime show on here then we have a real problem
    avatar the last airbender um.. i’ll take that back this is a good anime show great show very bad movie
    reboot needs to be a little bit higher
    talespin needs to be lower
    tom and jerry needs to be in the top 10 in my opinion
    alvin and the chipmunks needs to be lower
    thundercats needs to be lower
    chippendale rescue rangers needs to be lower
    ren and stimpy definately deserves top 10 or 20
    inspector gadget good placement
    real ghost busters good placement
    beavis and butthead some of you are not going to agree with me but beavis and butthed i think deserves to be higher may’be it should have been top 20
    rocky and bullwinkle needs to be way lower 90’s range
    pinky and the brain love it this show was hilarious great show
    transformers beast wars ok placement
    garfield and friends ok placement
    family guy in my opinion needs to be in the top 10 one of my favorite shows of all time next to beavis and butthead

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