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The Top 100 – Animated Series – Intro

Episode 20 of GeekCast Radio is the beginning of something truly epic and the biggest project we have ever undertaken.  Join the guys as they lay the groundwork for the Top 100 Animated Series Countdown.  Find out what the rules were, who was in on the project, when the reveal will take place and get a first look at some of the shows that just missed the countdown.  Buckle up folks cause this is the beginning of a crazy ride!


Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard


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Steve "Megatron"

Co-Creator @GeekCastRadio | Creator @AlteredGeek | Voice Actor | Podcaster, Husband | Father | Web/Graphic Design | A/V Editor | Geek of Games, Tech, Film, TV.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout guys. I just checked out the IGN list since you mentioned it and it was pretty much BS. The fact that Family Guy ranked higher than Futurama made me want to strangle someone. Not to mention Doug and The Weekenders were totally ignored as was everything else that wasn’t on Adult Swim.

  2. Just listened to the list, aside from the 80’s action bias, shit turned out very well. I like the discussion on each of them. I only listened to the top 60. I felt like 1/4 day of podcasts was enough. Did you guys ever find out how the list changed with a different formula using the same data?

  3. When you have time you should listen to the entire countdown.

    We will find out about the different data when we get to re doing the list. I think we are all super tired and stuff like that especially kevin after pulling this project off.

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