GCR – Episode 17 – YouTube

After nearly 2 months of no topics here on the flagship show TFG1Mike is back. This time making a debut on GeekCast Radio Podcast he’s joined by Optibotimus and live in person Peaugh. We talk about YouTube and the experiences with the online video service.


Optibotimus’s  YouTube Channel Watch HERE!!

Peaugh’s YouTube Channel Watch HERE!



Mike TFG1 Blanchard




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  1. Excellent! yes, indeed you have to enjoy it or it will show through!
    the first review I saw was one of Optibotimus’s and Peaugh got me hooked on animated! thank you both!

  2. that was great and i remember thinking when you said you should just buy the one you like best because people leave comments asking you which one to get i thought to myself i have did that quite a few times and i’m sorry if i got on any of your nerves but overall it was a great interview

  3. Most of the time youtube reviewers will say that they either recommend or don’t recommend figures. It’s all a matter of opinion and whether you like the figure or not. I’ll admit there are a few toys I’ve bought because of reviews that have been done. But for the most part it’s whether I want said toy in my collection or not.

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