GCR – EP 75 – 2014 Year in Review

In Episode 75 of GeekCast Radio TFG1Mike brings back the Year in Review show! Steve Megatron, OptimusSolo, and MovieRevolt Dan join in on the fun! We count down our favorite cartoons, musical selections, tv shows, and films. As well as breaking down 2014 in GCRN history. Then we hear from Punisher Body Count, MarkWho42’s Whoniverse, Smeared Inc, and Hunnic Outcast. They reveal their best and worst moments of 2014. At the end we give you a glimpse into 2015 for the GCRN! All in this latest Episode of GeekCast Radio #UnleashTheGeekInYou!


Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Dan “MovieRevolt” Clark


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. No comments?! Well, I suppose I’ll be the first. Great podcast! I always enjoy these looks back at the previous year, and 2014 was a very busy one for the GCRN. I have listened to a ton of content, and even co-hosted a review show with Mike, which was an honor and a lot of fun, despite the horrible material we had to work with. I was happy to see the return of the POGS podcast, and I look forward to the next phase as the show transitions into She-Ra. I also have enjoyed Mike and TV’s Mr. Neal on Pixels in the Animation and ToonCast Beyond, as they work through the Animation Direction spotlights. It was sad to see the end of ATTF, and I enjoyed the WarZ episodes this year, a show that has been resurrected, and it has been a fun listen.

    Also this year I began listening to some new shows. Steve suggested that I try Altered Geek, which I did and found that I enjoyed it a lot. I continue to listen to the show and plan to stick with it for 2015 and beyond. He, Mike, and Mike do a great job of discussing geek topics and news, and I feel I am part of the conversations. Another podcast I added to my feed is Talking In Circles. Those guys are great together. I enjoy the topics with a great bit of humor. They seem like they’re having a great time and I enjoy listening. Some of the interviews were less interesting to me, but I applaud them for adding some variety.

    So, listening to the year in review podcast I have to say, what’s up with the Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors diss? That’s a cool show. Way cooler than it had any right to be, thanks to J. Michael Strazynski. It is a goofy concept, but it works. I’m a huge fan. And yes, M.A.S.K. ranks as one of the worst cartoons of the 80s. Awful. As for cartoons on now, I find that most aren’t very good. I watch TMNT, which I find the most entertaining of the current shows, but there isn’t much fierce competition. Star Wars Rebels is promising. I like that they got away from the useless prequel non-sense and “Roger. Roger.” robots, which are utterly useless cannon fodder. I hated them in the Clone Wars Saga, which I am still slowly trudging through on Netflix, contemplating dropping with each episode. I tried the 7D and it just wasn’t for me. It isn’t bad, but I don’t find it or shows like it (i.e., Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb) shows I need to come back to. I still watch Avengers Assemble and Agents of SMASH, but I don’t find either one of them to be captivating shows. They have the occasionally good episode, but overall are cheaply produced, mindless action cartoons with little in the way of plot and a lot of punching. Of the two, SMASH is more fun and entertaining, IMO.

    Movies in 2014 were kind of disappointing. My favorite films were Guardians and Cap 2. X-Men was okay, but not as good as First Class, IMO. TF4 was actually enjoyable for me. I did watch it at home, not in the theater, which may have helped. But I liked the new direction and knew it would be a mindless spectacle going in, so I had a good time. Best since the first one. I haven’t see the TMNT movie yet. Godzilla was entertaining. I thought it was a good update. The monsters looked very good and the story was decent, although, not very layered. Brian Cranston’s story would have been more interesting, had they not focused on his son. Locke…what a turd. I think Tom Hardy is great, and I knew the movie was going to be him driving the entire time, but the big “life-altering” decision he had to make was not worth the time I wasted on this film. Sorry, Dan, but I haven’t even heard of any other movies in your top ten. I am open to watching various genres and whatnot, but none of the films you described sounded the least bit interesting.

    As for TV, The Flash has been a fun ride. They certainly started strong and have kept the momentum going. I liked the crossover with Arrow and feel that Arrow has been suffering a bit after the closure on the Slade storyline. But, it’s building and I look forward to seeing where they go. Person of Interest is another show that hurt itself after losing a character, but has gotten pretty good, albeit, more far-fetched, but still entertaining. Big Bang continues to be enjoyable. Gotham still feels like a train wreck. Walking Dead started very strong but the later episodes leading up to the mid-season were filler, and it felt like it. I still enjoyed them, but they weren’t as intense and the mid-season finale surprise wasn’t unexpected. Hell On Wheels is another AMC show I watch on Netflix, and it continues to be a strong series.

    So those are my thoughts on the year. I’m looking forward to 2015.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about TIC! I can see what you are saying regarding the interviews, and I think for now on if we do more interviews they’ll be special episodes or something.

      I know Locke isn’t for everyone, but I really loved it. It great representation of a man trying to make right of the wrong, and dealing with the issuesd that follow. No worries if you didn’t like the movies I mentioned. They weren’t really my top 10. Not sure if you listened to the episode of Weekend at the Movies were Kevin and I go over our favorite films of the year.

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