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Here you will find the complete listing of every TBU Episode post and the interviews we did on the podcast.

The idea steamed from Steve/Megatron and I after he’d asked me what was after The TFG1 Podcast. He’d said he would be all over a Beast Era TF review podcast. I thought that it would be nice to continue recording with PecanCtMichael and Steve on the transformers review podcasts. That’s exactly what we have done.

We used the same recap art for each Beast Wars Season Recap so I’m only putting that art here once.

Episode 00: Theft Of The Golden Disk

Interviews: David Kaye

Interviews: Garry Chalk

Episode 01: BW S1 Eps 1-3

Episode 02: BW S1 Eps 4-6

Episode 03: BW S1 Eps 7-9

Episode 04: BW S1 Eps 10-12

Episode 05: BW S1 Eps 13-15

Episode 06: BW S1 Eps 16-17

Episode 07: BW S1 Eps 18-20

Episode 08: BW S1 Eps 21-23

Interviews: Ian James Corlett

Episode 09 BW S1 Eps 24-26

Episode 10: Beast Wars S1 Recap

Episode 11: BW S2 Eps 1-3

Episode 12: BW S2 Eps 4-7

Episode 13: BW S2 Eps 8-10

Episode 14: BW S2 Eps 11-13

Episode 15: Beast Wars S2 Recap

Episode 16: BW S3 Eps 1-3

Episode 17: Bw S3 Eps 4-6

Episode 18: BW S3 Eps 7-10

Episode 19: BW S3 Eps 11-13

Interviews: Christy Marx

Interviews: David Sobolov

Episode 20: Beast Wars S3 Recap

Episode 21: BM S1 Eps 1-3

Episode 22: BM S1 Eps 4-6

Episode 23: BM S1 Eps 7-9

Episode 24: BM S1 Eps 10-13

Episode 25: BM S2 Eps 1-3

Episode 26: BM S2 Eps 4-6

Interviews: Larry DiTillio

Episode 27: BM S2 Eps 7-9

Episode 28: BM S2 Eps 10-13

Episode 29: BM Series Recap

Interviews: Robert N. Skir

Episode 30: Overall Beast Era Recap

I figured I’d end the post with the very first art Steve made for the podcast before we had hashed out all the details. Even though the Episode 30 art is the main art you see at the beginning of this post. I gotta say that TBU was the most fun I’ve had podcasting since we started the network. And I in no means am trying to take away from the other podcasts and people I’ve worked with, but TBU was just fun and wow did it get dark!!!

So I hope you listen to each and every episode!!! This is the definitive podcast for any Beast Era Transformers fan!!!!


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  1. A Special Episode Addition will be added to this when we review the new DVD Set and Interview Brian Ward for it. So that’s 2 more episode goodness.

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