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TFG1Mike Celebrates: Transformers Generation 1 28th Anniversary


From @Protomanx: “28 years ago on this very day, Transformers made it’s grand debut to the world. The show’s first episode aired and would forever change how we look and felt about robots that could think and feel. Pop culture itself smiled that day. Long live the Cybertronians; Autobots, Decepticons and fans alike.” 

Transformers Tribute

Transformers has been a part of my life since I can remember. The year was 1984, I was a very impressionable four year old. I loved the cartoon, it was so freakin cool. I’ve had favorite G1 characters from both the Autobots and Decepticons. I doubt I have one specific favorite, because I have certain attachments to certain characters. I love Astrotrain because he’s a locomotive, and a space shuttle. I love Soundwave because he’s a kickass tape deck, with cassettes. In that same vain I love Blaster and his cassettes, because as a kid I had the Blaster and cassettes toys. Sadly I never had Soundwave, my friend did, but would never let me play with his Soundwave Transformer!!! The Bastard!!! I also love Jazz, Sideswipe, and of course Optimus Prime!!! On the Decepticons side I liked Megatron, Skywarp, The Constructicons/Devastator, and Reflector!!!


When TFTM hit, I was devastated that they KILLED Optimus Prime, however I loved that Hot Rod was the autobot in the ranks that rose to light their darkest hour. Springer is a homewreckin fool, but I do love the voice Neil Ross gave him. Everything about TFM is very enjoyable!!!!!!

Generation 1 in it’s time, was simply amazing. Great action, funny lines, creative plots. Sure looking back on it 28 years later, sadly it hasn’t held up well. However we “die hard” transformers fans still love it to this day, no matter the cost!!!!

I’ve told this story before, but Transformers means so much to me that it must be told again.


The TFG1 Podcast

In 2008, I found myself having a lot of spare time. I had been listening to podcasts for about 6 months, and when I realized anyone could do a podcast, I set a goal to create my own.  Some of the best advice I got was from Michael David Sims of Hes said, “If you are gonna do a podcast, have a plan, and make sure it’s something you are very passionate about.” Through Twitter Steve/Megatron and I got together, and we brainstormed ideas. Back then I was very “green”, and Steve was doing all the editing, and postings of the podcast. Four years later, I’ve learned to edit, and now publish my own stuff on a regular basis. I do have to thank Steve so much, for doing all that work in the beginning.

Because The TFG1 Podcast was my first adventure into podcast land, I had a lot to learn. I was very stiff on mic, and I was also tense. Yes there was yawning, burping, and other noises, but I was having fun, and it’s hard as hell to do a solo show!!! TFG1 did not get good until about the 12th episode or so. I brought in Steve/Megatron and listener, now co host PecanCtMichael. That made the podcast so much better.

Here’s an ad for the TFG1 Podcast

After G1 ended in 1987, I fell out of the Transformers fandom. I had moved onto other cartoons, and interests. Sure I kinda realized that Beast Wars/Beast Machines were the next TF cartoons, but I never paid attention to them when they were airing. Even when the Unicron Trilogy started, I was still out of the Transformers fandom. It wasn’t until 2007 when Transformers Animated, the first live action film was released, and I started collecting toys in 2008, that I fully engrossed myself back into Transformers.

Over the years I’ve met many Transformers fans online. Some like G1 and only G1, and that is great, some like only Beast Wars, or only Beast Machines,some like Animated, and others like Prime. For me I have learned to like all 5 of the S based TF cartoons. I have enjoyed each series as a whole. The way I look at it, each incarnation of Transformers is a new generation for someone out there.

While today marks the 28th Anniversary of Transformers, we here at the GCRN are announcing that 2 years from today September 17, 2014…..

The TFG2 Podcast will LAUNCH from CYBERTRON!!!


Yes that is right, we are gonna go back and revisit Generation 1. This time the podcast will be done right!

Here’s how it will initially breakdown! We will wrap up The TFG1 Podcast with:

Episode 25: The DVD Sets Rhino Vs Shout Factory

Behold The TFG2 Podcast!


Special Episode: The TFG1 Podcast 4 Years Later

Hosts in TFG2 will be TFG1Mike, OptimusSolo, PecanCtMichael, and on episodes he really likes Steve/Megatron!

Transformers has and always will be a huge part of my life. I love a lot of stuff from the 80s, and I have a connection to each 80s cartoon franchise in one way or the other. Transformers however has been there all along. It has never gone away, or stopped being relevant. So HAPPY 28TH ANNIVERSARY!!! Transform and rollout!!!!

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