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Talking In Circles – Episode 37 – What’s in the Box?


On this week’s show we are bringing back the news of the weird. Yes, we once again we talk about some strange but TRUE news stories. This week’s stories include why you should always be careful where you park, ingenious methods for cleaning your hair, the dangers of ordering late night food, and so much more. Before we get to the weird Greg has a crate of goodies to share, Chuck read a comic about an unlikely combo, and we also give our thoughts on the first episode of Gotham.


Dan “Movierevolt” Clark

Greg Beppler

Chuck Davis

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Dan Clark

A fan of all things comics, movies, books, and whatever else I can find that pass the time. Twitter: @DXO_Dan Instagram: Comic_concierge


  1. Yea well I’m am never going to be able to look at stuff crust pizza the same way again. Thanks for that! ;)

  2. Great stuff guys. These episodes are usually some of my favorite. I would say my favorite story is the Wal*Mart peeping tom guy. There’s a viral video or SNL skit waiting to happen with that idea. I mean what is that guy thinking. A creep with a low self-esteem. If he works on feeling better about himself he can upgrade to Target or the Dollar General.

    1. Dollar General would be the one store I’d put below Wal*Mart. I’d would go Dollar General, K*Mart, Wal*Mart, Big Lots, Sams Club, Costco, then Target.

      1. I’d go Wal*Mart over Big Lots. Big Lots gets Wal*Mart’s leftovers.

          1. Aren’t Sam’s Club and Wal*Mart run by the same people though?

          2. yeah pretty sure they are. Quick story I once saw a guy in Wal-Mart with mud (or cow manure) all over his coat and he walked thru the clothing racks with all the clothes brushing up against his coat haha nasty

        1. My big lots barely has any shoppers in it when I go. Place is always dead lol

  3. The Lamb and the Fuher sounds enticing. The concept is unique, but I wonder if it would make a better written novel than comic. Does being in comic form add anything a novel couldn’t have?

    1. Actually I found out after we recorded that it was a novel first written back in 2005 I believe and then adapted into graphic novel this year. From what I’ve seen of it though it was set up like a script with : “dialogue….” and so on for every character. So I would say the graphic novel adds a lot more flair to it, especially with how good the art is. I am a big fan of it. And there may have been some minimal dialogue cut out for the graphic novel but I think most of it is verbatim because the page length is equal for the book and the GN. Very unique and interesting for sure tho

  4. I love Waiting and would also recommend it. I still rank it as Ryan Reynolds best movie.

    1. I’d vote Adventureland as his best movie but Waiting is a lot of fun. I’ve watch it more times then I’d like to admit when it used to air on Comedy Central all the time.

  5. Just have to say I want to see a strip club model after Mos Eisley where you make it rain Firefly money. You make that happen during Comic Con week in San Diego and that place will make a trillion dollars.

  6. Another fun episode. Don’t know if any of the stories top the guy getting stuck in the stone piece of ‘art’ from last time, but still good. Loved that Florida got some more love again. A state that just can not get its act together whatsoever.

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