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Beginning to Look A Lot Like Madness

Steve is joined by TFG1Mike as they discuss some new reboots in the works for Home Alone and Fletch, and some other unnecessary content. Also, they breakdown the damage to NPR wrought by COVID-19. All this and more on Altered Geek!

Show Notes:

  • Reboots of Home Alone and Fletch
  • NPR Struggles in Radio due to COVID-19


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. An episode or 2 ago you asked what we were streaming.
    I’ve been streaming both Harley Quinn & Stargirl on the DCU app. Great shows. Stargirl is starting to get deep into the DC mythos how deep? Seven Soldiers of Victory deep. Any DC fans watching this show are now hoping to see a pegasus!
    On Prime I’ve been watching House. Love House. Love that he calls people idiots… a lot.
    Peacock just launched. They got Sea Quest! They got Sea Quest and it’s free! I love Sea Quest! Boy I tell you when it come so the future not many people saw the lack of buttons we’d be using. Not a lot of touch screens. Lots of buttons on the Sea Quest. Lots of buttons.
    Also I got HBOMax and really only been watching movies on it so far. Gone with the wind. Love me some Scarlett O’Hara!

    1. Yeah SeaQuest DSV was and is awesome.

      I have yet to get the trial of hbomax, and I’m kinda miffed at peacock for their subscription plans and not having KNIGHT RIDER. Hopefully they’ll add that at some point.

      Check out upload on prime….. and knives out if you haven’t seen it.

      I’m wondering if the DCU app is gonna die off with peacock and hbomax out there now…..

      Thanks for listening and interacting.

      1. In regards to DCU, the only thing I see changing there is going to be the lack of original content. I think all live action original shows will move to either Max or CW look at both Doom Patrol & Stargirl for that evidence.
        But in reality paying for DCU for the comics all 22,000 of them! That’s all I want! All I got to read is 2 a month to pay for the service. Right now I’m normally reading 10 a month so I’m good. So I don’t see it leaving just “competing” with Marvel Unlimited.
        Currently reading Convergence on DCU…all 99 issues… yeah… I’m a masochist.

        1. I meant more for the shows and movies vs the comics. I highly doubt it would ever get rid of the comics. I’m spoiled when it comes to Comics I love comixology guided View. I don’t think I’ll ever not use comixology.

        2. The comics is good if you like reading a vast library and no access to actually own them. If I had it, I’d probably read 20 or so a month if I had the time.

    2. Funny enough, I’ve not seen any of those shows you’ve just referenced lol. I am just losing interest in the 2nd and 3rd tier characters. Not that I don’t think they could be good but I’m just very selective on what I watch anymore.

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