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AGU-EP10BREAKING NEWS… Special Guest tonight is Art Danner. We cover feedback, questions, tv shows, revivals and the topic of the night. After that the guys go on several geeky tangents and tease GCRN upcoming promotions. We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.




  1. What’s tech object still amazes you and makes you wonder about?
  2. What’s geeky/tech thing do you take for granted?
  3. What do you want us to discuss next episode?



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    1. We may eventually have people pop on for a call in type show, or use voicemails but typically we record with the GCRN staff. If we do decide to in the future we will let everyone know. But more than likely it would be in the form of the two methods above.

  1. TV still amazes me in many ways. Especially how we can all watch the same event happen across the globe at the same time. Something simple but mind boggling when you think of it.

    I take for granted the internet. Living without it today feels impossible.

    What to discuss? I dunno, what about a different topic like books? What books are you currently reading and what are your favorite books.

  2. As I sit here commenting on my iPad it still amazes me with everything it can do, and how its changed the way I look magazines, newspapers, and comics.

    Don’t know what topics you can talk about you haven’t already. Only thing I can imagine is music or something like that.

  3. Tech is so ingrained into my life I think I might take it all for granted. During a recent power outage I was going crazy trying to figure out what to do without my tech.

    Topic ideas? Hmm…after the passing of Tom Clancy my friends and I got into a good discussion about what people have had the most impact on the geek community and which ones are a little overrated.

    1. I hate to speak ill of a man that just passed, but I was never a fan of Tom Clancy. His movies, books, and even video games tended to succeed in spite of him and not because of him. His writing never had style or was all that interesting.

  4. There might be a new Reboot series? That has me excited. I agree the first season or two of Reboot don’t hold up, but the later seasons are much better.

    1. Yeah I loved the Mainframe Entertainment shows of the 90’s Reboot and Beast Wars were my tops. But this has me excited to see Reboot and Mainframe’s return. There was a plan for a review series of Reboot in the past but now might warrant that show’s revival…

      1. I would totally check out a New Reboot series. I could be wrong but didn’t that end on an open ended note?

          1. It kind of did. There is clearly a lot more story left to tell.

      2. Reboot does not hold up at all, but the concept still works. For once I can get behind this idea.

    2. Reboot was hit or miss for me. It always came off as an idea that never really worked.

      1. I say give it more than one season, and consider the fact it was the first CG animated TV series. The fact it worked at all still amazes me.

  5. I take a lot of car technology for granted. Over the weekend I drove in my buddies can that had power nothing. Manual windows, locks the entire deal. Felt weird having to manually make sure every lock was down.

  6. Am I the only one who is still amazed by how photos work? Just the concept taking a real life imagine and capturing it into a photo boggles my mind the more I think about the science that goes into. I mean when you think how easy we can take photos now, compared to what it took back in the day.

    One question that has being going into my head is what does it mean to be a geek anymore? Does having geek culture so ingrained into popular culture in a way ruin it? It feels like its no longer special. I once felt like I was a part of a unique community, now I kind of feel just like everyone else.

    1. Photos are kind of crazy when you think about it. I kind of get why some culturs think they steal your souls.

      1. Lol, true I didn’t even think about the stealing your souls thing of it. But I could see that. I guess if you have never see tech before someone taking a picture of you could be rather crazy. I have wondered about that, I mean wondered what tech would you take back into the past that would freak people out the most. Video would be up there for sure.

  7. One topic I thought you might touch on was the death of Tom Clancy. It would be cool to hear what you think of him and his impact on geek culture. I know his name is more of a brand anymore, but he has his fingers nearly everywhere.

  8. Just finished the episode and I once again loved it. Something about Danner that makes me keep laughing. He reminds me of George Costanza for some strange reason. Speaking of Seinfeld are any of you Stand-up comedy fans? If so who are your favorites?

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