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  1. As someone who has two very young girls I wouldn’t let them watch Girls Meet World. At least not after the first two episodes. I hate how boy crazy the main character is and how her life is revolved around getting a date with her crush. The first season of BMW had some of that but the boys were allowed to have other interests than girls. It’s sad when a show called Girl Meets World can’t even pass the Bechdel test. I hoping that gets better in upcoming episodes. I’d rather watch a show like Modern Family that shows all sides and is actually a family show that is smartly written and funny. I wouldn’t call someone who watches a show like GMW creepy. That’s odd. I just don’t get much out of a kids show personally.

    1. how old are your girls may I ask… I’d like to know that before I respond further.

        1. yeah I don’t think GMW is for that age range. But I get your point about the boy crazy thing. I think it’s a double standard though… boys can go girl crazy and it’s ok to some, yet when it’s the other way around some parents think it’s inappropriate. I view it as 7th grade on… and Riley is 12 in the show… The creators in the video above do say that the show will progress and not be so pre teenish.

          As I said in the episode I watch it for the parents and the continuity of the old series.

          1. I would say it’s more inappropriate for 12 year olds in my
            mind, because it’s speaking directly to them. And it’s not a double standard at all. That’s a short sighted belief that people throw out because they hear that complaint and think it’s just some liberal trying to feminize the world. I’m far from liberal but I can tell you its a real problem. As studies upon studies have shown girls/women
            in media are poorly represented. That’s why something like the Bechdel test was created. Female characters are less abundant
            and when they are their only goal is to talk about the male characters. In BMW Corey was more of a full character. They showed his interests like sports and comic books within the first few episodes. What do we know about Riley except she’s boy crazy. The issue is not that they are depicting her as boy crazy, the missue is that’s all she is. All her actions are motivated for that one reason. Again a poor representation of a female character. Why not have someone like Alex Mack from back in the day. Unless things improve in GMW we’ll stick with showslike that or Modern Family, which is really the only good family show on right

          2. to be fair the show has only had 1 episode air…. and the next new one is this week. We know that Riley is schoolwork oriented, That’s about it so far I’m sure the series will delve into her non boy interests. But hey if it aint your thing that’s fine. Thanks for listening!

          3. There’s no doubt in my mind that Modern Family is a better family series then GMW, and I’ll make that call not having seen any GMW.

  2. I wish I could play Titan Fall. But I don’t have an X-Box. I don’t miss demos, but I do miss renting from Blockbuster as strange as it sounds. I had a good dealing going with them. $15 a month and I could rent and movie or any game for as long as I wanted. I can’t get anything like that today.

      1. Except I can’t get movies as well, and I don’t have to worry about the mail.

    1. PC? Titanfall is also available on 360. I’ve heard its not that bad for a downgraded port. It supposedly maintains the spirit and game play which is really what Titanfall is known for. Awesome game either way!

      1. Right now I have a PS3 and a Wii U. I do have a PC but its not nearly strong enough for gaming. Playing SkiiFree is a challenge for it.

        1. SkiFree is all any one really needs:)

          Did you get Mario Kart 8? We should race some time!

          1. I don’t hopefully soon though. We should Race! I would probably loose

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