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AGU-POD This week Steve and Mike accomplished the Live show which we showed off many things and described them. From our shelves to our legos. We talked the listener feedback and replied to twitter responses. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.










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  • (NEW) Question of the Night:
    • What did you think of this live show? What do you want us to discuss next to help shake things up?


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Steve “Megatron” Phillips

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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Not bad for a first live show. One thing if you are doing an audio version you may want to do some editing. A lot of the audio version is pointless to listen to if you are talking about a lot of visuals. I tried to listen to the audio version but had to stop and watch the video.

    1. Yeah that’s my fault, I was trying to figure out how I was going to edit the video and had a double record. Thanks for the comments on the live show. I will cut it down or take time stamps next time to edit those areas out of the audio show.

  2. Impressive Legos you got there. There’s a VIP Lego Club? Did they have a special red carpet or velvet rope section you get to get into?

  3. So are all of your podcasts like MWIRE and Talking in Circles also going live? I like this new format you are doing.

    1. MWIRE or any show I do will never be live. I have tried it in the past and I get too distracted in trying to keep up with a live audience. Dunno about other people’s shows.

        1. I’m more interested in crafting an actual LIVE Show ….. like when we were planning GCRN LIVE….. where we can have conversations with an audience… versus turning the podcasts into live shows. But that mainly goes for the ones I do. With GCRN LIVE we could talk about anything that wouldn’t impact any of the other podcasts.

    2. I plan to try them in the future. It will be one of those occasional things. I can’t speak for the Weekend at the Movies (MWIRE Weekly) or Talking in Circles crew. That’s something they’d have to do. I would enjoy doing live shows with the fans on any podcast I am in.

    3. I’m open to doing a live show at some point. It’s not currently in the plans for TIC, but we are always open for new things. If we do it wouldn’t be down the road. We’re still figuring out regular podcasting.

  4. Would you guys do things like call ins for the Live show? Or let people join in on the Google Hangout?

    1. call ins for a LIVE video show might be hard, we’d have to look into it. I’m sure there is a way in hangouts to add more people but I personally haven’t figured it out. The video stuff is NEW to us… well some of us, and we gotta do some learnin.

      1. Video can be a beast. I do watch some video podcasts that do calls ins usually through Skype. Those tend to use Tricasters

        1. yea video can be and I already put in wayy too much work for making the audio podcasts the best I can. LOL

        2. Mike’s expertise is in Audio. I am moving towards more video with keeping the audio element. I am trying to get into the film/tv business so these are learning tools for me. Plus I think sometimes the visual is like actually conversing in the same room.

    2. I plan to eventually do these between the old idea I had for GCRN Live which is a GCR episode and with AGU at some point. Just need to work out the technical bits on them. But that is the plan.

  5. Nothing is worse than a sibling ruining one of your favorite toys. I had the Millennium Falcon as a kid. Kept it in amazing condition. My brother took it outside one day to see how far it could fly and needless to say I don’t have it any more. Threw it off our porch and it landed on the ground smashing into pieces.

    1. If it’s the Falcon that was released in summer 2000, I still have that set intact in my garage. Well, 95% intact.

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