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The Pull Bag’s IDW Publishing TMNT Coverage

For 10 years now Joe Reed and I have been covering IDW Publishing’s TMNT Comics! From 1-22-2014 to Right now today!. Here is where you’ll find the links to all 64 podcasts. (There will be more IDW TMNT with Joe and I in the future!!!!)

TMNT Volume 1: Change is Constant

TMNT Volume 2: Enemies Old Enemies New Micro Series Volume 1: Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey!

TMNT Volume 3: Shadows of the Past Micro Series Volume 2: Splinter, casey, April, and Fugitoid

TMNT Volume 4: Sins of the Fathers

TMNT Volume 5: Krang War!

Interview with Chief Turtle Editor Bobby Curnow

TMNT Secret History of The Foot Clan

TMNT Volume 6: City Fall Part 1 Villains Micro Series Volume 1: Krang, Baxter, Old Hob, and Alopex 

TMNT Volume 7: City Fall Part 2 Villains Micro Series Volume 2: Karai, Hun, Bebop & Rocksteady, and Shredder!

TMNT Volume 8: Northampton

TMNT Utrom Empire 

TMNT Issues #33-34 

TMNT Annual 2014

TMNT Issues #35-36

TMNT Turtles in Time

TMNT Issues #37-38

TMNT Issues #39-40

TMNT Issues #41-42: ATTACK ON TECHNODROME Parts 1-2

The Pull Bag Commentaries TMNT 25th Anniversary

TMNT-Ghostbusters Issues #1-4

TMNT Issues 43-44: ATTACK ON TECHNODROME Parts 3-4

TMNT Issues 45-46-Prelude to Vengeance!

TMNT Mutanimals #1-4

TMNT Casey & April #1-4

Interviews – Bobby Curnow – Totally Tubular Edition

Interviews – Tom Waltz TURTLE POWER!

TMNT #50

TMNT #51-52

TMNT #53-55

TMNT #56-58



TPB Comictaries – TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze




DC and IDW Batman TMNT I!!

TMNT #59-60

TMNT #61-64 – Street Phantoms!

DC and IDW Batman – TMNT Adventures!!

SEWER SUREFIN’ SEPTEMBER 2017 was AWESOME!!! Here’s Joe and Mike as they talk more TMNT from IDW!!

Ep 151: TMNT 65-66

Ep 152: TMNT 67-70 – Desperate Measures Arc

Ep 153: TMNT 71-72 Pantheon Family Reunion

Ep 154: TMNT Dimension X

Ep 154.5 Usagi Yojimbo – One Shot!

TMNT 2018-2021

Ep 325: The Trial of Krang

Ep 338: TMNT-Ghostbusters 2

Ep 357: Invasion of the Triceratons!

Ep 360: IDW Publishing – IDW 20/20!!

Ep 362: Batman TMNT II!!!

Ep 387: TMNT V21: Battle Lines!!

Ep 389: TMNT Macro Series!!

Ep 413: DC and IDW Batman TMNT III!!!

Ep 421: TMNT Bebop & Rocksteady Hit The Road!!

Ep 422: TMNT V22: City At War Part 1!!

Ep 423: TMNT V23: City At War Part 2!!

Ep 424: TMNT Shredder In Hell!!

Ep 425: TMNT #100: City At War The End!!!

Ep 475: Comictaries TMNT III (1993)!!!!

Ep 478: MMPR-TMNT!!!!

Ep 507: TMNT Reborn Volume 1: Issues 101-105!!!

Ep 522: TMNT Reborn Volume 2: Life After Death!!! Issues 106-111!!!

Ep 543: TMNT Reborn Volume 3: Time After Time!!! Issues 112-117!!!

Ep 544: TMNT Reborn Volume 4: Sow Wind, Reap Storm!!! Issues 118-123!!!


IDW really is kicking shell when it comes to TMNT! Everything in the past five years has been nothing but a love letter to the entire franchise. Keep yer eye on this list as it’ll be updated soon with ALL NEW TMNT Coverage!

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