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FIVE HUNDRED……. A lot of podcasts don’t get there. I was surprised that I even ended up on the Road To 500. So on this Road To 500, I’m not going to list every episode we’ve done in nearly a decade of the podcast. However I will be starting in January 2021 as that’s when at Episode 393 I started building the plan to get to 500 episodes. So here’s all my thoughts looking back at the last 2 Years of TPB, on the Road To 500 Episodes! 

^ Current Generalized Banner we’ve used since I think Year 8! I love it as it was a reflection of Year 3’s banner:

And…. Here…. We…. Go!!!!!


Ahhhh 2021, a NEW Beginning for the podcast in covering things we hadn’t done yet, from old comics to new comics!

Ep 393: Batwing V4: Welcome To The Family! With Ed and Kendra Hale!

Ep 394: Batwing V5: Into The Dark! With Ed and Kendra Hale!

Ep 395: POP KILL #1-4! With Ed and Kendra Hale!

Ep 396: Batman Beyond V6: Divide Conquer and Kill! With JT From Saskatoon!


February of 2021 was us working on the March to 400 episodes! With at the time the end of i Hate Fairyland, and the beginning of IDW’s Beast Wars Comic, plus Carter Mann’s Immortal Orphans! What’s that old saying? With every ending there’s a new beginning!! And IHF returned this year!! Check out all those details HEREShort Month of releases for February, but as I said we were on the March to 400 episodes!

Ep 397: i Hate Fairyland V4! With The Comic Concierge Dan Clark!

Ep 398: Transformers: Beast Wars #1! With Steve/Megatron

Ep 399: Carter Mann’s Immortal Orphans #1! With Mikey from Moonbase2!

MARCH 2021:

400th Episode Achievement unlocked! FOUR HUNDRED Episodes! I NEVER thought I’d get there, but we did! It just goes to show you that Comics is the one medium that you can go on forever about. In the 80-90 year history of comics, there’s soooo much to talk about. I wasn’t even sure if TPB was going to get to 100 episodes let alone 400! But here we were in March of 2021. Also in 2021 Kyle Higgins, Marcelo Costa, Becca Carey, and the rest of the Image Comics team released RADIANT BLACK!!!! They actually released issue #1 February 10th, the day after my 41st birthday! What a present RADIANT BLACK was and is! Everyone should be reading it! With the 400th episode we also celebrated 8 years of The Pull Bag! Steve/Megatron joined me, and then The Comic Concierge and I discussed The Comic Book History of Comics!

We reached Episode 404 Comics Not Found, wherein Ed and Kendra Hale joined me to talk comics at the beginning, and anything other than comics in the middle, at the end we tied it back to comics! We also had two very unique Origins in Comic Reading episodes with Desmond Reddick of Dread Media, and Mikey from Moonbase2! We also continued the journey through IDW’s Beast Wars, and Carter Mann’s Immortal Orphans! I love that March is the podcast’s anniversary month, because I always try to pack so much into it to celebrate the podcast!

Ep 400: 8 Years of TPB – Comic Book History of Comics! With Steve/Megatron and The Comic Concierge Dan Clark!

Interviews – Josh Burcham! With Steve/Megatron!

Ep 401: Origins of Desmond Reddick!

Ep 402: Origins of Mikey from MoonBase2!

Ep 403: Transformers Beast Wars #2! With Steve/Megatron!

Ep 404: Comics Not Found!! With Ed and Kendra Hale!

Ep 405: Radiant Black #1 and 2! With Ed and Kendra Hale!

Ep 405.5: Carter Mann’s Immortal Orphans #2! With Mikey from Moonbase2!


Autobotly April 2021 was a mixed bag, although Steve/Megatron and I loved the new Beast Wars comic from IDW, the NEW Transformers universe just dragged for us. Also in this month we had the Origins in Comic Reading with Donovan Morgan Grant!!! That was a blast, as all the origins are!

Ep 406: Transformers V2: The Change In Your Nature!

Ep 407: Transformers V3: All Fall Down!

Ep 408: Transformers: Beast Wars #3!

Ep 409: Origins of Donovan Morgan Grant

MAY 2021!:

I’ve always reserved May as #BatmanMonth… I dunno why, I think it was because Detective Comics #27, where Batman debuted was cover dated May 1939! In this Batman Month it was all about the Sean Gordon M urphy universe for the most part. Sean’s Batman #MurphyVerse is by far my favorite Bruce Wayne/Batman universe in comics! We had the Comics Info episode in 411! I al;ways wanted to do that, just like the 404 joke! And we continued with the awesome RADIANT BLACK series, then ended the month with Batman-TMNT III, which I think closed out that story!

Ep 409.5: Batman White Knight Von Freeze!

Ep 410: Batman: Curse of the White Knight!

Ep 411: I’m Down, I’ve Got The Comics 411!

Ep 412: Radiant Black #3-4!

Ep 413: Batman-TMNT III!

What a month!! Filled with awesome conversations about many different things! I am always striving to make TPB not just your average every day comic podcast!

JUNE 2021

The Summer Of Superheros and Transforming Power Rangers who are Beastly! June was a cool month, because it was the first time ever that we covered Static Shock, and we finally got to the Boom! Studios MMPR Shattered Grid Event!

Ep 413.5: Static Shock V1: Supercharged! DonoMGrant

Ep 414: Origins in Comic Reading with Steve J. Ray!



Ep 417: Transformers: Beast Wars #4-5!

June was a Morphenominal Transformative Month! You might say it was supercharged as we had a Static Shock to our system!

JULY 2021:

IIINNNNNNN JJJUUUULLLLYYYYYY Podcasts are Published There!!!

Ep 418: Transformers – Ghostbusters – Ghosts of Cybertron!

Ep 419: Radiant Black #5!

Ep 419.5: Ryan Drost’s Stealth Hammer #1!

Ep 420: Origins in Comic Reading With Radiant Matt from The Radiant Black Podcast!

Ep 420.5: Transformers: Beast Wars #6!

July was filled with Radiant Transformers and a Stealthy Hammer Debut!

AUGUST 2021:

Normally August is very Autobotly, but on the road to TMNT 100 from IDW I wanted to have Episode 425 be that discussion with Joe Reed and myself!

Ep 421: TMNT Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road!

Ep 422: TMNT Volume 22: City At War Part 1!

Ep 423: TMNT Volume 23: City At War Part 2!

Ep 424: TMNT Shredder in Hell!

Ep 425: TMNT #100!

August was a TMNT Month! Plus we had Bebop and Rocksteady hitting the road! The IDW TMNT Series is my favorite TMNT comic series!


September was supposed to be Scooby Doo Team Up month, but after reading volumes 3 and 4 I lost interest in the series!

Ep 426: Scooby-Doo Team-Up V3-4!

Ep 427: Origins in Comic Reading With CBCC!

Ep 428: Origins in Comic Reading With Alison Richards!

Ep 429: Transformers: Beast Wars # 7-8!!

Ep 429.5: Origins in Comic Reading With Bash From The Radiant Black Podcast!

Ep 455: Origins in Comic Reading With Bethany Kessler!!!

From Origins with Brad and Lisa from CBCC to Origins with Alison and Bethany, and Bash from The Radiant Black podcast, September turned out to be better than I thought it would be. I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!


October was a very short release month as we were preparing for SO YOU WANNA BE A HAWKEYE! However October did have a Stealth Hammer Announcement (which we still need to review the second issue) and then more of Carter Mann’s Immortal Orphans! I love supporting my friends in their endeavors!

Ep 456: Ryan Drost’s Stealth Hammer #2 COMING SOON on KickStarter!

Ep 456.5: Carter Mann’s Immortal Orphans #3 and 4!


November was the mixed bag of stuff that I strive TPB to be as a podcast. We had Marvel, a creator own comic, an origins episode, and more Beast Wars from IDW!!!

Ep 457: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye – The Free Fallin’ Hawkeye – Rosenberg!!

Ep 457.5: Contraband SCP!

Ep 458: Origins in Comic Reading With The Alt Pop Repeat Gals!

Ep 459: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye – Kate Bishop Hawkeye Deep Dive (Kelly Thompson)!!

Ep 460: Transformers: Beast Wars #9-10

And now for the Holiday Event of the year! We are Staying On Target with So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye, and also the Power Rangers Pink one shot!


December…. ahhh Christmas Time, and the year end reflections! Remember this Holiday Season all the good gifts come wrapped in a bow!

Ep 461: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye – The World’s Greatest Archer!

Ep 462: Power Rangers: Pink!

Ep 463: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye – Echoes!

Ep 466: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye – Partners, Am I Right?

Ep 467: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye – Ronin!

Ep 468: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye – So This Is Christmas?!?

Ahh the Holiday Cheer With The Hawkeyes!!!! And now a NEW Year Begins!!!


In January of 2022 it was a short month, normally I start gearing up for MARCH with the podcast’s anniversary. However we did have an Origins in Comic Reading with THE RADIO GOD himself Carter Mann! And then Ryan and I talked about The UnEvenFlow of The Punisher Logo!

Ep 469: Origins in Comic Reading With Carter Mann!

Ep 470: The UnEvenFlow of The Punisher Logo!


February…. Oh February…. My Birth Month, and yikes what a disappointing end! We get more Beast Wars Comic from IDW, and then we assemble for the behind the scenes of Hawkeye… however that ending with Amazon buying and DESTROYING Comixology! ugh!

Ep 471: Transformers: Beast Wars #11-12!

Ep 472: So You Wanna Be A Hawkeye Marvel Studios Assembled!


Well there you have it! That was February 2022!!

MARCH 2022:

We didn’t even celebrate 9 Years of TPB!!! I think Jesse and I mention it in Ep 474, but there was no dedicated episode for it.

Ep 474: MMPR V11: Necessary Evil Part 1!

Ep 475: TMNT III Comictary!

The Comictaries (Commentaries) are always fun, and a nice variety from comic book reviews!

April 2022:

ALL RANGER APRIL this year, instead of Autobotly April!

Ep 476: MMPR V12: Necessary Evil Part 2!

Ep 477: MMPR V13: Necessary Evil Part 3!

Ep 478: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Ep 479: MMPR V14: Aftermath!!

Ep 480: Transformers: Beast Wars #13-14!

Ep 481: Origins in Comic Reading With Matt Martin!

MMPR/TMNT!!! YES!!! That was a great crossover! Also closing out the regular Boom! Studios MMPR series, before they relaunched it. NEW MMPR will be covered in the future. I mean it would be a SIN if we didn’t right?

May 2022:

We were Wrasslin’ with Batman Beyond in the latest “Batman Month!”

Ep 482: Batman Beyond (2016) Volume 7: First Flight!

Ep 483: Batman Beyond (2016) Volume 8: The Eradication Agenda!

Ep 484: WWE V4!

Ep 485: WWE V5!

We still need to close out the Boom! Studios WWE book, and hopefully we will in the future.

JUNE 2022:

June was well an unplanned month! You see I finally found a new place to live, so we could only get to one podcast this month!

Ep 486: Transformers: Beast Wars #15!

 Apparently we were not IIINNNNNNN JULY in 2022!!


Moving across the country from WA to IN was difficult, so August was still only on a one episode release! At least it was beastly! Or Was It?

Ep 487: Transformers: BW Annual!

At least we continued the Transformers talk through to the end of September!


 September was locked in to kill the Transformers Beasts as they went Back To The Future! And then the Transformers were Terminated..?? What the…??

Ep 488: Transformers – Back To The Future!

Ep 489: Transformers: Beast Wars #16-17!

Ep 490: The Kill Lock! Check out Livio’s YouTube Channel HERE!

Ep 491: Transformers Vs Terminator – Enemy of My Enemy


OCTOBER 2022: 

OK Let’s face it this is where the REAL ROAD TO 500 BEGINS!!!

Ep 492: Origins in Comic Reading With Dan From Rock Nerd Radio!

Ep 493: Origins in Comic Reading With Tim Price The Podcrasher!

Ep 494: Thom Zahler’s Long Distance!

Ep 495: Thom Zahler’s Warning Label

Ep 496: Origins in Comic Reading with Dave McElvenney!

 From a Rock Nerd to a Podcrasher to a Superman fan, and t all is wrapped around a warning label of long distance! October 2022 was super awesome!!!


This was the month!!! 500 Episodes!! Achievement Unlocked! Huge blast of chatting with Rich Koslowski about his F.A.R.M. System!!! Then Bethany returned for her Unpopular comic and MCU opinions, and finally Michael David Sims makes his GCRN debut!!!

Ep 497: Interview With Rich Koslowski Creator of F.A.R.M. System!

Ep 498: Star Trek #1!

Ep 499: Bethany Kesler’s Unpopular Comic Opinions!

Ep 500: Origins in Comic Reading with Michael David Sims!!! 

Well there ya go folks! 500 episodes! And that 500th episode was a DREAM COME TRUE!!!!! Also going forward from EP 505 to current we have done 50 TPB Origins episodes in 10 Years!!! There’s so much more TPB will do in the future, so now go and UNLEASH THE COMIC GEEK IN YOU!!!

#GotComics #MakeYourGreatEscapeIntoComics

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